Covid and microchipping

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Abdullah Ahmed, May 7, 2020.

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  1. Abdullah Ahmed

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  2. Exactly! I'm preempting any of their next moves to start interfering directly with the brain by advocating the use of Sadd Al Dharai. The technology that picks up thoughts is already available but the likes of elon musk etc. are not satisfied until they've plugged everyone in to their sick matrix world where you won't need to use your fingers to text anymore. You'll already have stuff inside you that interfaces with the brain to execute commands and have them carried out!! It's probably not that near yet but the fact that there are primitive forms of what he mentions already in operation, its not too long in my opinion before these things start becoming available and start becoming the new "normal". The danger lies in this "new normal" being so driven by IoT and 5G and the internet along with invasive technology (implants) that they make it impossible to not be "plugged in". If you're not part of it then you're simply off the grid and when your off the grid you can't travel, see a doctor, get on a metro etc.

    I think we all need to make a coordinated, unified and strong stand now that this type of world is not for us Muslims and we don't want it. It's obvious this is a staged event (covid) and its designed to usher in a new set of social norms. It's these new set of norms that we have to stand up to from now. I'm afraid we don't have much time and no choice but to say "no" to a lot of their planned initiatives. What we can't do is what we always do, just swim along with what the west tells us and bury our head in the sand.
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    Those implants are basically immobiliser transponders but more advance versions do not seem that far off to be honest.

    With regards to threat to freedom. I can't see the west being taken hostage by implants (except through free will and worldly benefit. ) They are very obedient as it is but that obedience can and does easily turn into a cultish movement. I see it in the workplace. They are also politically less stable at the moment - this can be seen through the election of Trump and brexit.
    They are willing to 'pull together' for a common goal. Something like having to compete with China to remain the world's top dog will be enough to bring out military like discipline which will be expected to be followed by immigrants.

    That's the sort of scenario I can see happening. However to protect Muslims in this is almost impossible since they will partake in beneficial side of technological advancements happen in baby steps such as the ease of contact less payment, keyless entry, a better phone (implanted) etc

    Our preferred participation in the west is really based on a previous stable environment but our residence here has always been questionable. It is conditional for example we don't want to fight for the Queen but we like the stability here (it is like having peace in which to Worship Allah). If the west decides to go in an undesirable direction internally or internationally we are kinda trapped and yet our current state is one of bliss (so many Mosques and freedom to worship Allaah). A residence we don't want to give up
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    For starters, you can leave a credit card at home or your mobile phone. Not so your subcutaneous chip.
  5. Tariq Owaisi

    Tariq Owaisi Well-Known Member

  6. abu Hasan

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    none of these can be compared to implants. the use cases at present might be similar, but those who wish to control populations dream of much bigger as the implications of an implant can be far more than a credit card or IDs etc.

    نسأل الله العافية
  7. abu Hasan

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    implanting microchips is still in the realm of fantasy. a lot of rumour and conspiracy theories floating around.

    know that there are already laws in the united states against forcible microchip implants:

    "This bill would prohibit a person from requiring, coercing, or compelling any other individual to undergo the subcutaneous implanting of an identification device, as defined. The bill would provide for the assessment of civil penalties for a violation thereof, as specified, and would allow an aggrieved party to bring an action against a violator for damages and injunctive relief, subject to a 3-year statute of limitation, or as otherwise provided."

    false claim on how bill gates wants to microchip people.

    check this document on the legal ramifications of microchipping people. (PDF link)

    for those who are not tuned in, READ THIS to understand what it is all about:

    another explanation of what's happening:

    bbc does its bit:

    a thought provoking discussion. read it and try to measure it against islamic provisions and ethics:


    this is an old article in terms of tech available, but the sociological aspects are relevant. if you are tech-oriented, you can substitute with updates where tech is mentioned. to be read at least for the questions that it raises.

    the authors went on to expand on that article, and has written a book on the topic: (i have not read it).

    there is another paper (2008) by the same authors (PDF):

    yet another paper (2013)



    and one for the presentations:
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  8. Tariq Owaisi

    Tariq Owaisi Well-Known Member

    I second your concern about the future. The future is always a worry but on what basis are the ulema to pass a fatwa?... On say vaccination against covid (the people Inc Muslims are waiting for a treatment and similar jabs present today are not even contraversial) Conspiracy theories on covid are not accepted and extremely far fetched.
    .... with micro chips which rather than forced will be paid for by the rich and as it gets cheaper by the poor. These chips are only an extension of the current methods (ID cards, login details, credit/debit cards, keys, keyless entry etc)

    The only possible reason I can think of is with implants since an argument can be made that they change the creation of Allaah. They are expected to get more advanced to the degree of implanting information directly to the brain.
  9. Let's put all this into perspective. This covid is a diversion and a false flag to usher in some very dark plans that take the world into the next phase of the dajjalic project. Things like forced vaccinations to micro chip people and then have all their life on that chip, 5G and its harm spiritually, digital currencies etc etc. This whole things is being staged. What comes after this current lock down is what is very concerning so we need to stop arguing and get coordinated to resist these developments. It's important to have Fatawa in place to stop these things ever taking hold in the Ummah and we need these Fatawa now and to be posted all over and wherever as a continued effort. A few Ulema speaking out is not enough. A few posts here and there on FB like Shaykh Asrar's on forced micro chipping is not enough. It's got to be a proper and continued official stance by lots of the world's Ulema against these control techniques and against technology that crosses the limits. I think people need to understand that iblis doesn't get people through aggressive ploys but through subtle and long drawn out "plays" and he attacks people by degrees and his biggest weapon is distraction (making you heedless). He's using it it right now so please stop arguing about Contagion and think about our future generations who we need to protect from the likes these bill gates, bezos', musks of the world. If you are good at speaking then use that, if you prefer writing then please write but do something and do it now.
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