Criticizing Muslim Rulers

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Noman Farooqui, Jun 16, 2022.

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  1. Ali_Bash

    Ali_Bash New Member

    Asalam alaikum brother,

    Which ahadith have been declared as fabrications, please kindly show some references.

    Jazakallah khair
  2. Ibn ul Waqt

    Ibn ul Waqt New Member

    We know Yazid was a Muslim ( along with being a fasiq who had abandoned the prayer ) before the tradegy of Karbala and the incident of Harra but Imam Hussain (ra) didn't only criticize Yazid, he planned to overthrow his regime with armed rebellion. We know Imam Hussein (ra) was in the right by the consensus of Ummah. Therefore, it's permissible to not only criticize rulers openly ( saying the truth before a tyrant is the greatest Jihad ) , if the conditions make it neccessary to organize an armed rebellion, it becomes an act of jihad. The followers of Imam Hussein (ra) will never stay silent or bow before Yazid of any era

    The conditions vary but from the Khutbah of Abu Bakr (ra) when assuming the role of Caliph suggests it's the duty of Muslims to advice a ruler from going against the commands of God. If the Ruler doesn't take heed from the advice of community, you can either patiently endure it as Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) did without obeying rulings against the commands of God or be like Imam Hussein (ra) and plan to overthrow the regime.

    Beware of the hadiths quoted by Salafis which insist on obeying the rulers on all conditions as they were forged by certain Ummayad rulers to legitimize obedience to rulers. Many scholars of hadith have declared them as fabrications
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  3. Noman Farooqui

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    What is the Sunni ruling on criticizing Muslim rulers? When is it allowed? Is it always not allowed like many Salafis say? Is Khurooj ever allowed? If it is, when is it allowed and under what conditions?

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