Deobandi Fabrication in Fadhail Amal

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    It seems this quote from Fazail e Namaz is a translation of the meaning of a passage from Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qasidin (p. 29) by Ahmad ibn ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi (651 – 689) who summarised this book from Ibn al-Jawzi's book in which he summarised al-Ghazali's Ihya. The Arabic passage says:

    للصلاة أركانا وواجبات وسنناً، وروحها النية والإخلاص والخشوع وحضور القلب، فان الصلاة تشتمل على أذكار ومناجاة وأفعال ، ومع عدم حضور القلب لا يحصل المقصود بالأذكار والمناجاة، لأن النطق إذا لم يُعِربُ عما فى الضمير كان بمنزلة الهذيان

    "Salah has integrals, obligations and sunnahs, and its soul is intention, sincerity, concentration and the presence of heart. The Salah comprises of dhikr, munajat and other actions. When the heart is not present the objective of dhikr and munajat is not acquired; because speech that does not express what is in the mind is at the level of hadhayan (nonsensical talk)."

    I'm assuming "bakwas" in the Urdu is a translation of "hadhayan" as a dictionary definition of the Urdu word I found was "nonsensical talk" just like the Arabic hadhayan. In both passages, it says this speech is "like" (bimanzilati/jaisay) nonsensical talk in that the speaker does not know what he is saying, not that the speech is itself nonsensical.
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    Deobandi Fabrication in Fazail e Amaal

    Fazaile Amal is a book used by Tableeghi Jamat, which is the propogation wing of the Deobandi sect. This book was was written by Shaykh Zakariya Kandhalvee al deobandi( died 1402 AH). The original name of the book was Tablighi Nisab. This book has different sections like Fazile Namaz (salah), Fazile durood, Fazile Hajj etc.

    Later , deobandis renamed the book as ‘Fazaile Amal”.

    Under the chapter of Fazaile e Namaz ( Virtues of Salah), Shaykh Zakriya al Deobandi writes at the end of the chapter

    “……The most important part of salah is dhikr,( that is ) the recitation of Quran in the salah. If these things are done without proper concentration then it is not called praying to Allah ( Munajaat wa kalam ). This is like hizyan (nonsensical talk )and BAKWAS
    ( useless talk /crap) which people do during the effect of fever "

    ( Please note the exact wording:Ye Kalam nahee hai . Aisee hai jaisay ki bukhar ki halat mein hizyan aur BAKWAS HOTI HAI ).

    See the complete scan with red underlined part and blue underlined part showing the word BAKWAS ( useless talk/ crap).
    When this was first noticed we could not accept words like BAKWAS ( useless talk/ crap) for quran recitation, because many ordinary people are not able to concentrate in salah when they are reciting quran. And we have heard from our elders that even if one fails to concentrate during reciting quran , the recitation is still QURAN and we can not call this recitation as BAKWAS ( useless talk/ crap) . This is indeed a disrespect to quran .

    In order to solve this issue , this complete quote was sent to a famous DEOBANDI MADARASA”khairul Majalis “, bairun Garh, Multan, Pakistan..

    We did not mention that this quote was taken from their own book.

    After quoting the complete quote mentioned above , we asked the following question,

    Questioner: Mohammed Safdar Ali Sabir,Pul Asatabal, Khanwal.( Pakistan)

    The Answer: Fatwa number 33/148 dated 17.11.1421 AH / 12 Feb 2001

    These words are clear disrespect (to quran). Repentance should be done publicly for this . Until the person repents from this he should not be made to lead prayer . Muslims should stay away from this person and Allah knows best.

    Al Jawab al sahih ( correct answer as verified) stamp of the madarsa

    Mohammed Afaullah
    Abdus sattar

    Jamia Khair al madaris Multan

    Please see the scan of the original Fatwa

    Later when Deobandis were told that this is from their own book, written by one of their ‘akabir”scholar, they were in the state of shock.

    In order to save their akabir from their own fatwa , these deobandis did what they have been doing since ages! They fabricated the next edition of this book and removed this word “ BAKWAS ( useless talk/ crap) from this statement!

    See the scan from fabricated version.

    Please note the green dotted line where the word BAKWAS is missing . The statement in the fabricated edition reads as follows
    "Ye Kalam nahee hai . Aisee hai jaisay ki bukhar ki halat mein hizyan hoti hai. ".

    By fabricating this statement in the book , the deobandis have not only continued their age old practice but have also shown their lack of skill in urdu language.

    Please note , the original statement was

    “Ye Kalam nahee hai . Aisee hai jaisay ki bukhar ki halat mein hizyan aur BAKWAS HOTI HAI .”

    In this statement the word hizyan is a masculine word, and Bakwas is a feminine word , so the follow up word is HOTI HAI, which is feminine.

    Now after deobandis deleted the word BAKWAS the statement reads:

    “Ye Kalam nahee hai . Aisee hai jaisay ki bukhar ki halat mein hizyan HOTI HAI," where as it should read HOTA HAI , because hizyan is a masculine word!

    This is the state of this cult which has fooled the sunni arab scholars by writing Al Muhannad and is still fooling the innocent sunni muslims by spreading their false belief.



    Please note :1.Scans can be viewd at the above link.
    2. If any deobandi tries to justify the above fabrication as "editing" please inform in this thread. Jazak Allah Khayr.

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