devbandi debates from 100 years

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    subject: anecdotal description of deobandis' sense of shame & integrity, and their crocodile tears

    salam alaikum

    in the somewhat recent past, on our company's whatsapp group some deobandi uploaded this tan tan tana tan "na3t"


    he did it specifically to tick me off, and kept posting it again and again hoping to poke fun and/or get an abrupt reaction from me

    after about six or seven times of his posting various conmedic enactments of that tan tana tan na3t, some superimposed on bollywood movie scenes, i had enough of this guy

    being the incredibly mellow person i am, i posted this little nugget of wisdom from mr. ashraf ali thanvi - with a full english translation, and a footnote on the esteemed status of ashraf ali in deoband, just so the neutral mallus too grasped the full extent of it and all appreciated it equally well

    the person's posting obviously stopped and for the next one week he didn't even look me in the eye in the office or respond to my whatsapp messages on the group

    about a fortnight later, the admin of the group, a true deobandi who always dons a namaz cap and never lies or engages in any underhanded dealings, ever - and the closest friend of the guy who posted the "na3t" - who simply couldn't swallow such an exposition of his hakeemul ummat - calls me out on this issue when we're having an argument about another issue - and he says "last week aap ne hazrat thanvi ki kitab se woh topic post kiya tha! aap ne woh mazak udane ke liye aur fitnah paida karne ke liye post kiya tha na? idhar woh post karne ki kya zaroorat thi? don't you know some of us follow deobandi maslak?" to which, in the heat of the moment, i replied, "ji bilkul mazak udane ke liye hi post kiya tha. us se pehle [other deobandi] ne woh tan tana tan wali na3t bhi isi liye post ki thi. doesn't he know some of us follow the Barelvi maslak?" (i admit, i should have said, "maine to aapke hakeemul ummat ki kitab se pura topic jun ka tun post kiya tha. ab agar aap apney hakeemul ummat ki tasanif padh kar sharmsar hotey hain to mera kya kusur?!") the other deobandi had to interject after my comment and said, "[AbdalQadir] bhai, woh real incident hai, maine mazak nahin udaya aur aapke apney barelvi maulanaon ne us na3tkhwan se tawba bhi karwai hai." i replied to that by, "to maine bhi to aapke hazrat thanvi ki real kitab se real topic copy kiya tha. it is not fiction!... and the translation is also correct. if it is not real or if my translation is wrong, please prove it and i will apologize in front of everyone"

    from that day onwards we have a rule - that the informal, unsanctioned, deobandi-run 'company' whatsapp group is for work-related matters only, no religious topics, jokes, bollywood, picnic invites etc. obviously, i quit it myself with my head high.


    i concur with abu Hasan - Shaykh Asrar should release a similar video on youtube/social media (as this monkey did) and

    1) ask him to first of all list out all the alleged blasphemies that Ala Hazrat supposedly uttered - with references
    2) when, where and how did the "magnificent akabir" of deoband respond to those blasphemies

    without that there's no point giving this dog of hellfire the attention he is craving.

    he is just trying to divert the limelight from Mawlid celebrations to the devils of deoband.

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    The Deobandis are hurting. The Awaam is rapidly finding out about their filth thanks to the many English literature available for people to read and the 100th URS has deepened wounds.

    People on the ground level should distribute the Sunni-Deobandi posters to all those who are sitting on the fence. Make them aware of their deception.

    Wo Raza ke neze ki maar hai,

    ke adu ke seene me ghaar hai,

    kise chaara-joyi ka waar hai,

    ke ye waar waar se paar hai
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    So these devbandis are claiming now that after 100 years they have proof against Ala hazrat...this is absurd...we need the Ulema of barelvi like Mufti Zia ul Mustafa sahib, sheikh abdul hadi sahib, sheikh hamid palmer sahib to be on this team
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    [10/08, 21:32] Mohamed Shah: TRUTH SPEAKS: Ashraf Ali Thanvi: Analysis
    Why the Differences?-Sunni Barelvi & Deobandi-Kaukab Noorani Okarvi - OKARVI
    Salafi Aqeedah: YOU JUDGE !
    Salafi Aqeedah: The Forefathers of Deobandi & Tableeghi Sect - 1
    Refuting Deobandi Mufti: Part 3 - IslamiEducation
    From Allah Sahab to Allah Ta'ala - IslamiEducation
    Refuting Deobandi Mufti: Part 1 - IslamiEducation
    Deoband-Master.png (280×122)
    TRUTH SPEAKS: Mulla Hussain Khabbaz
    Blogger: User Profile: muslim
    TRUTH SPEAKS: deobandi mufti
    Salafi Aqeedah: Part 5 - The Crown
    [10/08, 21:36] Mohamed Shah:
    [10/08, 21:37] Mohamed Shah: Main ill send the scans of the original texts
    [10/08, 21:52] Mohamed Shah:

    [10/08, 21:53] Mohamed Shah:
    [10/08, 21:53] Mohamed Shah:
    [10/08, 21:54] Mohamed Shah:
    [10/08, 21:55] Mohamed Shah: **
    [10/08, 21:56] Mohamed Shah:

    This is an important page
    [10/08, 21:57] Mohamed Shah:
    [10/08, 21:57] Mohamed Shah:
    [10/08, 21:58] Mohamed Shah:

    Someone should check out all these scans
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    Let me note a few references since Maulwi Deobandi over here has m ade a claim that AlaHazrat rahmatullahi alayh committed blasphemy, astaghfirullah.

    Will he then put fatwa on his own Ziya al-Rahman Faruqi who called "Alahazrat" with that title and used rahmatullahi alayh after his name?

    See here


    Also Maulwi Farid in Fatawa Deoband Pakistan states that Barelwis (Ahl us Sunna) are not kafir (see

    In Fatawa Deoband Pakistan volume 2, p. 138 (non-online edition) it is mentioned that it is incorrect to call Mawlana Ahmad Rida Khan or his mutaliqeen kafir.
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    Hmm. I don't recall the jealous biographer mentioning anything about this.
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    i don't understand why the secrecy? if this is a matter of common interest, let them make their accusations and table their evidence against us. let them not act like wolves in hiding, attempting to ambush us.

    if you do that in a designated place, and it is some new trumped up charge, we may not have the time to respond immediately. then you will claim that you have made us speechless. that won't work. unlike, your filthy madh'hab of disrespect and worshipping of your elders, we are objective and will examine the charges.

    what can you expect from the (intellectual) progeny of such shameless liars as khalil ambhetvi and husayn ahmad tandwi?

    as my good friend aqdas remarked, the 100th urs has caused heartburn to deos. this is followed by the blessed mawlid sharif and shayaTeen cannot tolerate the heat...

    ghayz meiN jal jayeN be deenoN ke dil
    ya RasulAllah ki kasrat kijiey
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    my hunch, they won't make their claims public. they will try to call mawlana asrar to a debate and make a ruckus. and then claim that they defeated shaykh asrar.

    here is my pre-emptive strike: if indeed, alahazrat (al-iyadhu billah) committed a blasphemy, why were your elders sleeping? or were they stoned? why did not thanawi write a refutation? where were all your musketeers and knights hiding all these years? remember one thing: if they were indeed blasphemies, and you cannot produce fatawa of your scholars FROM BACK THEN - that will rebound on your maulvis too, who kept silent.

    what an idiot!
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    that idiot was keeping in suspense those works/words they claim are blasphemies. if these shameless liars have really something, what are they hiding? let them post it here. mawlana asrar should not respond with any acceptance UNLESS these scoundrels make public what the charges are. if you are so sure, then be like men and show us your accusations. show us those 'proofs' that we did not even dream about.

    we have openly displayed the passages of your elders - which you shamelessly call as forgeries. by Allah, can you stand in a masjid amid muslims and swear to Allah that these books, passages were not written by devbandis? if they were not, then why the hundred and one justifications your lying maulvis wrote?

    zara hum bhi dekhen ke in na-hinjaroN ke phaTey aur khaali daman meiN hai kya. aur kis muNh se ye dushnam-dihanda log ham peh uchaltey haiN. tumhari jama'at ke maulviyon meiN jhoot aur makkari ke ilawa rakha kya hai.

    if you have material that you claim is blasphemy, then why hide it? post them in public and let us see what exactly is it.

    looks like the devil's dogs get bitten and bark madly when the blessed month of rabi'y al-awwal shines forth.
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    This jahil doesn't even realize that the elders of the so-called Ulama of Deoband have not called AlaHazrat rahmatullahi alayh a kafir (See Fatawa Fareediya) yet this idiot has the audacity to attack AlaHazrat and make claims against AlaHazrat
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