Event: How to Love the Prophet sallAllahu alayhiwasallam

Discussion in 'Events' started by Aqdas, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Aqdas

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    it was a useful event.

    can the brothers in touch with the organisers get them to draw up a schedule of speakers for next time? and if the programme is over-running, e.g. speech 2 was scheduled to end at 6pm and it ended at 6:15pm, then maybe the next 2 speakers should be asked to shorten their speech by 7.5mins each to recuperate.
  2. Wadood

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    unity is what we need. Shaykh Asrar is a man of unity for Sunnis. He understands psychology of brothers and sisters.

    Much of disunity is caused by not following the blessed Sunna, that includes

    1) misunderstandings
    2) heated, ego flaming arguments
    3) different methodologies and understanding of the way to do things
    4) different aspirations and goals
    5) different personalities among scholars of Ahl al Sunnah
    6) jealosy, envy, hate, malice etc
    7) no trust
    8) rumours, lies, and slander
    9) ignorance
    10) incompetence
    11) lack of effort
    12) revenge seeking
    13) no sabr
    14) no benefit of doubt
    15) overlooking respect
    16) very less listening ear
    17) ostentation, fame mongering etc

  3. Ghulam

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    * All of the speakers named on the event’s official poster have been confirmed along with the host of the event
    * All of the Qurra and Munshidin have also been confirmed for the day
    * We request that on the day all Ashraf [I.e. Members of the blessed household of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him)] attending come to the area which will be specifically designated for them at the front of the masjid alongside the scholars
    * The ‘MetOffice’ weather forecast for Birmingham [25/12/2011] dictates medium level clouds with temperatures at 10/11*c with good visibility
    * People arriving from outside of Birmingham can park their vehicles in the Ghamkol Sharif Car Park. Car Park attendants will be present on the day if any assistance is needed.
    * The Masjid has a designated area for any brother who wishes to hold a stall on the day. It would be appropriate however for anyone who wishes to hold a stall to inform the Masjid prior to arriving.
    * The event will be professionally recorded for release at a later date
    Keep watching this space for any further updates!

  4. ma sha' Allah, barakah and tawfiq. . .
  5. Ghulam

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    Moulana Ijaz Shaami has also been confirmed.
  6. kattarsunni

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  7. Little Shaam

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  8. Wadood

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    Shaykh Asrar Rasheed is invited.

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  9. Aqdas

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    the fb page says shaykh asrar is speaking too.

    can you get them to advertise the end time too?

    i hope an event as big as this had a decent poster made for it.
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  10. kattarsunni

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  11. kattarsunni

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    Birmingham Sunni Movement Presents - How to love the Prophet Sallallaho Alayhi Wasallam

    Invited Speakers
    Moulana Naveed Jameel (Mohiuddin Girls Collage)
    Moulana Yaseen (Muqadam of Shaykh Yaqoubi)
    Moulana Amjad (Teaches at Ghamkol)
    Moulana Sajad (Faizan e Rasool)
    Moulana Nabeel Afzal (Coventry Sunni Movement)
    Imam Khalid Hussain (Leicester)
    Imam Asim (London)
    Moulana Ghulam Murtaza (Taj Dar e Madina)
    Moulana Abrar (Derby Sunni Movement)
    Moulana Amar (Derby Sunni Movement)
    Moulana Qamar Ilyas Madani (Dawat e Islami)

    and many more

    Venue: Ghamkol Sharif Masjid
    Date: 25th December 2011
    Time: Maghrib onwards
    Please attend and encourage others to attend.

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