Everyone interested in geopolitics and Islam should read this book

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  1. thanks bro AH,

    i already visit those sites: counterpunch and zmag. have read some chomsky [and australia's pilger and roberst fisk too] ...i think it is worth reading both sides of any story. however thanks for the long list of his books--i will def. go thru' them.

    thanks for the links. but this book i recommended is about the ussr-afghan war only.
    btw a lot of these people who write on zmag etc. are leftists with strong ideological ties to the socialist movements and therefore they aren't neutral either...as sources of info.
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    if you have been reading the right kind of books, you will already know a lot more. chomsky, finkelstein, pilger, fisk, cockburn, said, zinn, herman and most others who have documented the crimes of the west adequately.

    or if you are the online type, try these sites:
    these books by chomsky are highly recommendedfor both learning about geopolitics AND to identify and refute propaganda (a side effect is that you learn to recognize and refute fallacious arguments in general)
    • understanding power
    • rogue states
    • hegemony or survival
    • the fateful triangle
    • failed states
    • propaganda and the public mind
    • profit over people
    • manufacturing consent (along with edward herman)
    • middle east illusions
    also, chalmers johnson:
    • blowback
    • the sorrows of empire
    • the last days of the american empire
    online interviews can be found here: (the transcripts are numbered on the front page and titles are borrowed from his own books.)
    i always prefer to read because it is faster; but if you have two hours to waste, videos of both interviews above can be found:
    na cheRo dardmandoN ko na jaane dil sey kya nikle!
  4. Charlie Wilson's War: A Must Read book about the reality behind the Afghan-USSR war

    [​IMG]Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile

    An astonishing and brilliantly researched look at the secretive behind-the-scenes effort of Congressman Charles Wilson and a renegade Greek CIA agent Gust Avrakatos, and a host of others, including not least Gen.. Zia al Haq of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Mossad, the ISI, and the CIA to fund the Afghan mujahideens' war against the USSR in the 1980s which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Forget the official version you think you know. This book is an incredible eye-opener and makes one realise what REALLY happens in politics is so different to what we think we know by following the news and current affairs. It also completely underlines how money rules the roost in international politics. It also proves that without this covert funding by the CIA [matched dollar for dollar by the Saudis] --which by war's end topped a whooping $1 BILLION per year the Afghan jihad would have been totally different...

    It also shows that General Zia was actually a statesmen of considerable standing and a cunning politician despite his failings in domestic policy and the subsequent maligning of his name..

    [It was quite shocking to read the treatment the captured Soviet soldiers got at the hands of some of the Mujahideen: it seems anal rape was used routinely; it almost made me feel sorry for the Soviet POWs most of whom were 19-20 year olds ordered to war by the Kremlin. I don't think Islam allows POWs to be treated like this! But thats the Afghans for you...incredibly brave but also with their own customs! ]

    It is a brilliant peace of investigative journalism and gripping stuff. Brilliant.
    It also shows the utter cluelessness of all armchair politicos, like me!,who think they know what's going on...



    p.s. there is a movie now made based on this book which is worth watching and is very true to the book except that 90% of the material in the book is left out due to timing. THe film follows just the very basic thread in the book whereas the book goes into considerable more detail on everything...

    here's a clip from the movie [my personal favorite. Warning: explicit language. Astonishingly this scene is true and from the book!]

    A thought which constantly was running throughout my mind as I read these 500-odd pages and my jaw dropped repeatedly at what was going on and the astonishing coincidences and turn of events was that Allah's Hand was behind all this...

    Truly He works in mysterious ways...
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