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  1. okay people, especially my dear brother abu hassan, please don't jump on me for this, and i am not trying to defend professor tahir, i am just relaying but i swear i have heard Sunni scholars say that the Prophet attained all of Allah's attributes except divinity and that Huzoor Ghawth al Azam attained all the attributes (the word used was 'sift' in both cases) of the Prophet except nabuwwat and risalat. Now we can say that the person or persons who made such statements were just ill informed but...

    (Don't ask me for names as it was a long time ago but I remember it clearly) and, if I am not mistaken, some famous Punjabi Sufi poets, accepted as great saints, have also written verses with similar themes or messages...

    How do you explain away that?
  2. abu Hasan

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    oh, btw. the thrall comment was because of this:

  3. Ghulam

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    He has India in thrall also!
  4. abu Hasan

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    it is this trash literature, his blind followers with monkey brains are proud of?
    it is this which has the western world in thrall?

    stuff lifted straight from tinfoil-hatters and rense without crediting them either.

  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    This alone is enough to warrant takfeer from a PROPERLY EDUCATED Sunni scholar.

    That's about as pure as i3tizal gets.

    His open kufriyat are too many (his saying that christians are believers, Prophet called them to worship in his mosque, this is Sunnah, etc.), but those who know 3aqidah and this person properly, have known for long that he is a mu3tazilite and a person whose "tasawwuf" had gone rancid a long time back.
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    i had to download a book on 'spiritualism' and read it. i was in splits at the erudition and eloquence of the author. and yes, it is a ground breaking work. to wit:
    Paradise Lost: When in paradise, both Adam and Eve were in perfect harmony with each other and with the entire nature. They had learnt the inner essence of all things. They sang with the birds and communicated with other species in their own languages. They had acquired this art. Then the unfortunate occurrence put them apart. The man and nature were disassociated. Man failed to communicate with the vegetable and the animal worlds.Innocence expired and the paradise ended with the end of harmony with nature. The communication between the individual and the cosmos terminated. We got confined to our senses - the empirical reality. That was how we had to live on earth! [p.42]

    The Almighty within Us [p.56]

    From North carolina a man decided to take God as his partner. He developed the feeling that God is the Living Spirit within him. He talked to this Invisible Presence in him and affirmed: "You are my Partner, and I am going to ask you to guide, direct, and prompt me in all ways. We are now a team, and we can't fail."[p.60]
    His secret was that he held on tenaciously to the idea that his Senior Partner would advise him and prosper him until his subconscious mind had absorbed the idea and had brought it to pass. [p.61]

    A Mo'omin's hand is Allah's hand'
    Commanding, Elegant, Prudent, Triumphant. [p.65]
    This also unfolds how these spiritual personalities acquire attributes of the Divine Reality.

    The Spiritual Universe spanning from the Earth beyond the skies up to the Divine Solitude, has its chief pole in Madinah. [p.115]

    He ascended as close to Allah as two ends of a bow or even less than that after which the distances of time and space were diminished to nil and the distance between the lover and the beloved was reduced to nothingness. [p.132]

    When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) frequently returned from Allah to Musa (`alayhi's salam) after having rich views of the beloved Allah, the Prophet Moses (`alayhi's salam) every time gazed at the Holy face of Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam). This way he derived divine pleasure from vieweing his face radiant with Allah's divine reflection. [p.133]

    In early days of Islam when sciences had not yet taken roots, the Greek philosophy was considered to be the measure of wisdom and rationality the world over. Our forerunners, the traditionalists and the religious vanguards befittingly encountered the philosophical attacks against postulates and tenets of Islam, in terms of Greek philosophy. For that, they contrived the discipline of 'logic' known as 'Ilm-e-Kalam.' [p.7]

    In the same way, we need modern logic (Ilm-e-Kalam Jadeed) to triumphantly communicate the Islamic teachings and concepts to the scientifically formatted mind. [p.7]


    Read 155 pages of such rambling here. i had to type the stuff as the PDF thwarts copy-paste.

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