Faraz Devbandi (of sunnipath fame): Is he okay now?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Surati, Jun 8, 2021.

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  1. Tariq Owaisi

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    Abu Hasan whats happened to lineages of the signatories of Hussam al haramain?

    Abu Jafar Al Hanbali recognises barelvis as simple Ahl al sunnah and deobandi as having many aspects of the dawah of najd. Even Sh Yakubi can be recognised as a one of our own. So I think the arabs do know about deoband but stay away from the takfir and keep enganging with deobandis. Do they have a lower bar for whom they sit with?

    One of the issues is recent bareilly sharif have chosen to live a life of asceticism rather than be more involved with the Ummah as the deobandis have done. I cant really criticise bareilly for that but it has probably reduced the importance and awarenesss of the issue along with a downturn in the aqeedah of the Ummah with regards to the sacredness of the respect due to the shaan of the Messenger of Allaah SallAllaahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam
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  2. abu Hasan

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    we need to engage with them. in reality, we have no difference. our positions are the same as theirs and vice versa.
    whereas as deos openly disagree with all those positions and even term shaykh muhammad ibn alawi as "bigger bidati than ahmad rida himself"

    check out: haqeeqi maslak o mashrab.
    https://archive.org/download/Haqeeqi-Maslak-o-Mashrab/HAQEEQI MASLAK O MASHRAB.pdf

    but still the deos in the west and those in contact with arab ulama do not let these things in the way.
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  3. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    It was a rhetorical question.

    I’m not sure after reading your post whether we should actively promote arab scholars like Habib Umar on our platforms? I understand that they don’t fully understand the deo conflict, does this mean we give them a pass? please would you mind clarifying.

    And yes, Deos are definitely good at marketing.
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    this is bad reasoning.
    faraz and devbandis "promote" radd al-muhtar and ibn abidin shami and dozens of sunni ulama in sham and yemen.
    does it mean we stop using radd al-muHtar?

    the problem here is the way arab scholars look at devbandis. there is a major gap there. even imam zahid al-kawthari praised thanawi BECAUSE devbandis showed him hanafi creds. that is no proof that imam al-kawthari was a promoter of devbandis and if we could have managed to reach him - i am sure we would not see this day. half a dozen refutations by al-kawthari would have sealed the fate of deos.

    the same goes for sh. saeed foudeh. he is himself a sunni, but he thinks that the takfir was unwarranted and probably does not agree. why? because our ulama did not engage with him, discuss, argue and present counter points.

    magar ye ho na saka, aur ab ye aalam hai
    ke inko wahabi arab samajhte nahin

    as for habib umar, i used to like his speeches - they are quite charming in fact. but of late, devbandis are hanging around him and i am sure feeding the lies that made keller write what he did. but so far, there is no proof that habib umar has a position that contradicts ahl al-sunnah.

    unfortunately, this is the case with many sunni ulama among arabs. deos have done good marketing - and our folk have remained far behind.
    so arab ulama simply dismiss the issue as a 'disagreement'.

    indeed, they will all be held responsible for their indirect support of this heresy - i daresay, for not actively seeking out the truth and giving its due because it is related to the honour of the Messenger sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

    no one will be spared - and every person - aalim or jaahil - should prepare for their reckoning on judgement day. but for us, while we think that arab ulama of our time are not being prudent in the devbandi issue, we still accord them the excuse that they may be hesitant because the blasphemies are in urdu and they do not know the language. may Allah forgive them for their lapses.

    the biggest devbandi names announce their admiration of ibn abdul wahab and routinely spew their wahabi beliefs. but some arab scholars simply choose to close their eyes and do not want to term deos as wahabis.

    leave arabs who have no access - even a person like sh.jibril does not have the courage to call out the heresies of deobandis, just because some 'personalities' were packaged and sold as 'imams'. besides, the 'chains' of narrations that run from the likes of zakariyyah kandhelwi that has now afflicted most arab ulama - is used by deobandis to blackmail.

    one needs to have courage to pick a fight with whole world for the sake of the Messenger sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. and wa lillahi'l Hamd this is the alms (khayraat, sadaqah) we received from the door of imam aHmad rida khan.

    if i would have to argue with the biggest scholars in the world today about deobandis - in spite of their learning (i.e. arab sunni scholars), their piety, their taqwa, their worship and every other superiority - i will not hesitate to do it. and i do not have a shadow of doubt in kufr of the deobandis elders.

    if it were permissible to do so, i would sign and attest to husam al-Haramayn with my blood! and would do that a thousand times.

    this is not just because alahazrat wrote it or so many scholars wrote it. i have read and re-read, and examined the texts from the viewpoint of the devil's advocate - there is overwhelming evidence from fiqh, aqidah works and first principles which will not allow you to avoid takfir. in sha'Allah, we will see more on this by way of research, forensics and proof for imam ahmad riDa khan's every statement from books of salaf. it is a laborious process and it will happen in sha'Allah. wa bi tawfiqihi.

    anyone who does not have that courage must introspect his tall claims of loving the Messenger sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam and the hollow 'may my life be sacrificed for him... my parents be sacrificed for him.."

    get real. you are not willing to let go of your relatives and friends and teachers - in spite of knowing what they have said...but you make meaningless statements of 'sacrifice'.

    when i was not even 20 and my best buddy (sunni as well) was dragged by the "white police" (term for tablighis).
    i broke off from him - stopped speaking to him - and told him blankly to stop meeting me.
    he remonstrated: "i was dragged" - and i said: "how could you go with those hypocrites? why didn't you run away?"
    finally, i made up after he promised he would never go with them.
    may Allah have mercy on him, he has now passed away, but he kept his promise.

    alHamdulillah - and in sha'Allah, the blessing of my imam aHmad rida khan - that fire has not lost its potency. as my imam himself explained:

    jo aag bujha de gi, woh aag laga di hai.

    all these scholars will be asked - and it is a shame that people who talk so much about the love of the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, and indeed in a manner that is moving are unable to distance themselves - or even inquire into the issue.

    however, sunnis must learn to be diplomatic without being hypocrites. we need to get closer to arab shuyukh without acting like hypocrites.

    truth will prevail in sha'Allah.
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  5. Surati

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    It is well known that Habib Umar has no problem with Faraz Rabbani.
    Faraz himself promotes Habib Umar as well Abdul Karim Yahya, AbdurRahman Khan and Amjad Tarsin (all close to Habib) on seekersguidance and on his page too.

    I saw al-ihya foundation promoting Muwasala (they mostly promote Habib Umar and sometimes Habib Ali) on Sunnipress (Al-ihya’s sunni aggregator website which pulls “articles and video content from leading Sunni ulema and organisations”)

    If we are actively promoting Muwasala and Habib Umar, are we saying we are okay with Faraz too?

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