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  1. The religiousity of a person is written by an angel before birth. Everything in Allah's creation has a function and design, similarly breastfeeding carries two main functions that are nourishment and building a bond between baby and mother. As for spirituality, Taqwa etc. I can't see how this can be transmitted by feeding alone. Allah knows best
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    not really brother. just think the Quran-hifz-memory-booster part is worth knowing more about (if there is some information on it).
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    when i edit my post, hit save, and edit again to correct more errors then the old original post which i had corrected is loaded back in edit mode with previous errors. I have to take care of them every time (as i do lot of mistakes), otherwise the mistakes are saved again. Have you guys faced this issue. I guess the software loads a local copy rather than requesting from server every time.
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    Khayr and sharr do get transfered, but nobody says that it is a universal law. Every good/bad action of yours is not (always) directly linked to feeding, it is both nature and nurture; and more than that it is fate. I don't think you need to waste time on formalizing a theory, because every person is responsible of his/her actions regardless who his/her parents are/were and how did they bring him/her up.
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    maybe they don't try to do hifz. They don't have tarawih, do they?

    I thought it's because people might despise him?
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    this is what i think (so far) and also extend it to the actual nurturing of the child. plus we can't lose hope from the Mercy of Allah to transform hearts and minds.

    if the parents were into drinking and clubbing all the way into the pregnancy and the early years of the child, but later on at around age 4 or 5 of the kid, they genuinely did tawbah and became decent Muslims and tried to instill Islamic values into the child, i think it will still have the effect of transferring that piety, zuhd, etc.

    right after the Prophet's 3alaihis salam time, a group of apostates appeared who denied the zakat. obviously being Arabs and considering those times, it would be absurd to imagine that they were not breastfed as children.

    the khawarij, the mu3tazila, the rafidis, all these sects appeared among Muslims in very early times, before you could buy canned formulas in supermarkets. yet their reasoning, critical thinking and tafaqquh is in shambles.

    although i have heard that the rafidis have a curse upon them. one will be hard-pressed finding a hafiz among them. but then again, back in the day, they too would have been breastfed, so this theory that mother's milk helps boosting memory power for Quran hifz wouldn't apply there.

    huffaz are found among wahabis and deos, but again, i've heard they forget it before they die, due to their bad 3aqaid and 3amal.

    i'm forced to come to the conclusion that it's about NURTURE rather than NATURE to a very large extent, after the primary reason being Allah's Mercy & Qadar for the soul (this is a given and come to think of it, it's very scary thinking about upon what state your death is destined.)

    Ghawth-e-A3zdham even helped highway robbers become awliyaa after true tawbah.

    it is written in fiqh books that the reason an illegitimate son's imamat is makrooh is that he wouldn't have had a loving father and therefore not raised to the proper education, standards and ethics required of people in esteemed positions like imam.

    yes, from the medical and psychological perspective it helps build the emotional bond between mother and child, boosts immunity, and offers protection/strength against some chronic illnesses and allergies in later life.

    in the religious perspective, do we say that it's just a biological process and we have the fiqh rules to govern it and its implications (like relationships, marriage prohibitions, etc.) and end it there? this is what i feel based on some common sense, but common sense is not very common, and i'm looking for religious texts or wise words of elders, if any exist, to substantiate the theory mentioned in the OP. so far brother Noori seems to somewhat think along the same lines (i feel) as my common sense perspective.
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    There is no doubt that it does increase imotional relationship b/w mother and her child. as far as transferring zuhd, taqwa, memory, manners ect it certainly depends on the spriritual state of the mother. Do you think a mother can transfer quran memorization, haya, taqwa ect while she herself was not memorizing quran during pregnancy but listening to music and rubbish songs, watching movies, not performing salah, was not mindful of her intakes if it were halal or haram.

    If parents are pious then piety will certainly transfer, not just by feeding on mother's milk but during her pregnancy too.

    Even it matters how did the mother conceive, whether the couple was taking care of shara'i boundaries and those which ulama have mentioned to take care of, or whether they were doing it only to satisfy their nafs and crossing limits.

    Sayiduna huzur ghawth al a'azam memorized 11 or 17 juz because his parents and grand parents were wali too.
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    i'm putting this topic in the tasawwuf section for seeing something from a spiritual development perspective

    what have the akabir 3ulema said about the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of breastfeeding babies? -

    as in, if it helps build character, memorization capability of Quran, ghayrah, strengthening nafs etc. etc.

    apparently some Muslim doctors (of these times; any shade) say that it helps in building the memory power required to memorize Quran, ahadith, along with strengthening the mind for science, math, analytic reasoning, critical thinking etc. they say that is the reason that the Quran talks about it and says 2 years. they say that (exclusively) formula fed babies will be healthy only physically, but not emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

    looking on the net, you will find lot of stuff on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, and then mixed feeding (breastfeeding, plus water, baby food etc.) for the next 6 months as the optimum thing, and it seems there's a very big emphasis on this exclusive first 6 months thing in western medical circles. the next best thing for the first 6 months can be mixed feeding, breastfeeding with giving formula on an as required basis - mother's capacity not up to mark, travel, visiting someone's home etc. or fixing up a specific percentage of feed or specific times for formula - this from western medical sites.

    so is western science attesting to something previously stated by our akabir, maybe in different words and/or contexts?

    or are those doctors simply trying to link science and Quran again zakir nalaik style and piggybacking on some new medical research and recommendations? (i do not deny the benefits of breastfeeding)

    i ask this because we've seen a-class deviants, zanadiq, shameless people etc. even in the past when there used to be no formula and stuff and almost all babies were breastfed. i for example, don't think that all minhajians were exclusively formula fed as babies

    i do know of some good shaykhs taking care of hifz students saying that eating outside in the market place will diminish one's memorization capability (for Quran) and control over nafs. dunno how true that is.

    i'm not trying to downplay the importance of breastfeeding or denying any benefits of it. i'm just curious if there really is that profound spiritual angle to it that some doctors talk about, or just that it's a normal physical activity done in life (for which the Quran gave its rulings) and it has no correlation to one's zuhd, taqwa, memorization, tafaqquh, Sunni-ness etc.

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