football world cup 2006

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Aqdas, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    yeh my lil bro told me summat like that too. masha Allah. lets hope he uses his celebrity to promote islam.
  2. yes. And Franck Ribery is also a convert to Islam. :)
  3. Zidane ...

    Sicne We're on the Topic of Zidane .. "Crazy HeadButt".. but some nice facts an all .. his Actual Name is Zinedine Yazid Zidane (Arabic: زين الدين زيدان‎ transliteration: Zīn ad-Dīn Zīdān), .. Source
  4. Anyone else see Argentina's demolition of Serbia? It was a footballing masterclass and pure genius. What a joy to behold!
  5. Shah Jalal

    Shah Jalal New Member

    Portugal didn't look too solid. They should however get to the last 16. However it is early days yet to make any concrete judgements about any team. I still hope Ivory Coast can manage to get into the next round. If they beat Holland and S&M they can.
  6. Brazil, Portugal, Argentina...all look good. England need to improve if they're going to be serious contenders. Still they should beat Trinidad and get into the last 16.

    Iran played pluckily for the first half..
  7. Haroon

    Haroon Guest

    After seeing ivory coast against argentina, im rooting for them all the way!
  8. salaam

    after englands shoddy play and shoddy teamwork agaisnt paraguay .. succes with an own goal.. :s

    no.. i think ill be going for brazil too...
  9. citizen

    citizen New Member

  10. I saw Brazil last night and they were awesome. I can't see anyone beating them.

    England looked good against Jamaica too. The following predominantly Muslim teams are playing this year:

    Saudi Arabia
    Ivory Coast
  11. Haroon

    Haroon Guest

    Assalamu alaikum,

    i would've sported Holland (because i like bright orange - and also Van Nistleroy) but they're like racialist these days right, so i guess i'll be going with england.
  12. i don't think we should mix sport with religion. the players play for their country--not for islam! (although it is good to see mike tyson when he boxes!)
  13. i think zidane has retired from international football; and his religious beliefs have nothing to do with football.
    what's wrong with beckham (okay he's as thick as a wooden plank!)?--he's no Ronaldinho but he's a good footballer otherwise Real Madrid wouldn't have
    bought him for tens of millions!
    Brazil look unstoppable.
  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    i'm not sporting any team but i am supporting england probably. actually, im not...cos if they win beckham is the captain and i would hate for him to lift the cup and be the hero when he is the most over-rated player ever.

    so i think i'm probably supporting brazil...i wouldve done france for zidane but it would be wrong to support such an open enemy of islam. btw im not sure if brazil is so anti islam...if they are...i will not support anyone.
  15. :s1:

    so, which team will you be sporting?

    i hope england win it but i am pretty sure that the golden boys from Brazil
    will triumph once again.

    It is good to see a lot of Muslim countries have qualified though: Saudi, Iran,
    Egypt, Ivory Coast...

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