FUREC & Molwi Jilani Baba's lies

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Mohammad Hassan Raza, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. As-salamun `ala man ittiba al-huda

    Dear brother, once again you fail to provide any proof and when I say something, you demand proof. Merely giving me Mawlana Irshad Maghribi (whom I have never even heard of before)'s number and saying "Go and get the book for yourself" is not enough proof.

    In addition, as far the claim about Mufti Abdur Rasul Mansur al-Azhari, I have contacts in Birmingham whom I can ask about this claim you have given. If it is in writing, as you yourself state, then please upload it.

    And in addition, saying "my pir" is allowing me is a big slander. I'm a talib of Hadrat Fayz-e-Millat Mufti Fayz Ahmed Owaisi maddazillahu and if needed, I'll get Hadrat Fayz-e-Millat involved too.

    Wassalamun ala man `ittiba al-huda

    Abu Abbas al-Ridawi al-Hanafi
  2. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Very well brothers Ghulamemadani and Emir .. Both of u proved ur points .. even i believe in the fact that we leave the slandering and turn to our Blessed Ulama-e-Karaam for this..

    But first , both of my brothers must prove ur points with valid proofs ..

  3. The Emir

    The Emir Well-Known Member

    Also I do not think Hazrat Jilani Mian has said any lie

    So is attending 3 functions and saying 'i didn't attend any' the truth in your world????
  4. ghulamemadni

    ghulamemadni New Member

    Also I do not think Hazrat Jilani Mian has said any lie, and I am sure there is an explanation to all this. Hopefully I will raise this to him, when he comes to the UK this year and record it for you.

    Lastly, as I am busy this week with Mawlid , I will answer your queries by next week wednesday, Inshallah with the help of scholars.

    take care my friend
  5. ghulamemadni

    ghulamemadni New Member

    Seriously you have plenty of time on you and i guess all you do is be on internet to slander and abuse the family of the prophet (peace be upon him). Atleast leave them today, as it is the day when the Prophet (peace be upon him) was born.

    Nevertheless, lets go back to your earlier post.

    I am not making a claim that Hazrat Tajush Shariah and Muhaddithe Kabir support Hazrat Jilani Mian, I am in fact proving it to you. As I do not have time to scan it and upload it, since I also assume that it will not have a positive affect on you, I thus give you the details of the book.

    As Sawarimul Hindia Ma'a Inshirahe Hidayat, Published by Daarul Uloom Razai Khwaja, Ajmer Sharif.

    This is a markzi book of Ahle Sunna wal jamaat, authored by Shair beshe Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Hashmat Ali Khan, which supports the book Hussamul Haramain. Hazrat Allama Irshad Maghrabi, who is a prominent scholar of India also took an article and signature of Hazrat Jilani Mian, since the latter is a famous personality of India (no matter what you might say sitting on your computer couch).

    In the book Allama Irshad Maghrabi does an Istifta on the matter that Hazrat Jilani Mian has been allegedly called a Kafir (astagfirullah), and What is the hukm to take a signature of a kafir on this important book, specially when he knew.

    Alhamdulillah, as I have the book with me at the moment, it also answers your question regarding using Muftis who do not know anything about furec. Allama Maghribi in fact sent 31 documents with the istifta from both parties which includes (furec's consitution, Ashraful Fatawa and Izahare haq etc). In the book he clearly mentions it.

    Hazrat Tajush Shariah referred to printing, publishing and distriuting the signature/article as "Kaare Khair" (good work), to which Allama Maghrabi writes that to call the publishing and distributing of the signature of a Kafir can never be called a "kaare khair", hence this indicates that Tajush Shariah does not agree with the kufr allegation despite having all documents. Allama Maghrabi writes that Muhaddithe Kabir also said the same words verbally (also mentioned in the book).

    Since whatever i have claimed, I have given you a reference for, thus it becomes your duty to refute this with reference. The Fatwa of Tajush Shariah must be refuted in his own writing. Since you claim this is not true hence accorind to hadith "al bayyanatu ala muddai'",.

    i guess You can contact www.spiritualfoundation.org.uk to get this book

    2) I was there in 2006 when Mufti Mansoor Azhari praised Hazrat Jilani Mian, and said that he does not agree with this allegation in Sultan Bahu Trust. He has also gave it in writing, but being honest i do not have it with me. sorry

    3) the light of truth website to me is like a muslim paparazzi. the only difference is that paparazzi are after britney spears, and they are after anyone who thinks Hazrat Jilani Mian is a Muslim. They have an open agenda, which to some extent should be appreciated. They say "if you dont say what we say", then you must become a Faruqi, kafir, gustakhe Ala Hazrat etc. Anything that Hazrat Jilani Mian does, there seems to be reaction on the site, indicating towards their helplessness and frustration. Lastly the articles written on the website by scholars can be read, but by the administrators cannot be considered as binding. Hence telling me to send the ligthoftruth articles to Tajush Shariah is an indirect insult to his status.

    Just before I go to do some serious work, please do not refute this on your personal reasoning, since you are no Alim or mufit. please provide evidence by scholars from India to refute this.

    By the way this is Allama Irshad Maghrabis contact no. 00919414355399

    again an advice, save yourself from slandering and leave it to the elders. it shows your pir is allowing you to say these things, which i know cannot be the truth
  6. The Emir

    The Emir Well-Known Member

    Also Ghulamemadni did not and will not answer the simple question I posed as he knows full well that it is so obvious Jilani Miya has lied that if he was to argue otherwise he would look a fool and that is why he is avoiding answering the question.

    He must also know that if he and his fellow supporters accept that lies have been peddled by Jilani Miya in a book he chose to call “declaration of truth’ and sent to scholars, muftis and as well as distributing it among Muslims then everything else Jilani Miya has said in this matter will be open to question and he simply won’t be believed or taken as credible. If a man has lost all sense of moral and religious purpose and lies to enlist the help of Muftis and other scholars to support him then what can anyone do to help him?

    The lies I highlighted above was to show just one example of Jilani Miya’s behaviour in this matter. There is much much worse he has done and yet we still get people like Ghulamemadni supporting him – but interestingly who are not prepared to put their signature to the documents that got Jilani Miya into this mess.

    Those like Ghulamemadni, Rashid Makki and any other supporter of Jilani Miya who believe that he hasn’t done anything wrong should sign the two documents Jilani Miya signed and become a member of FUREC! After all if it is according to them wholly Islamic then what is wrong in lending practical support???? But the reality is that they won’t sign these documents because deep down they all know the consequences of their faith if they did. This is the hypocrisy and misguidance of these people and is clear evidence of their deviousness in not encouraging or trying to get a member of the Prophet’s (Peace be upon Him) family to set himself free of the charge of charge of Kufr against him.
  7. The Emir

    The Emir Well-Known Member

    Claim # 1: Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabir and Hadrat Taj us-Shariah support Molwi Jilani Mian

    This is a lie that has been peddled often by Jilani Miya and his FUREC supporters. They take as their supporters any Mufti or scholar who is unaware of the whole situation and hasn't involved themselves in this matter or hasn't signed a fatwa.

    Mufti A'le Mustufa the Chief Mufti at Darul Ulum Amjadiya which is run and managed by Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabir after initially being deceived has been at the forefront in giving the fatwa of kufr against Jilani Miya and has taken a very active role in this affair. He couldn't have done this without the backing of Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabir. I understand that Mufti A'le Mustufa also sits on the Sharia Board of which the Chair is Hadrat Taj us-Shariah.
  8. Very recently, a follower of Molwi Jilani Baba (FURECI) decided to come here and post his wretched speeches on here.

    He then went on to claim that "we are slandering" whereas his Molwis are well-known for their outright deception and slander and he made several claims to which he clenched on.

    Claim # 1: Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabir and Hadrat Taj us-Shariah support Molwi Jilani Mian

    Response: I dare you to send a request for fatwa to Hadrat Taj us-Shariah and Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabeer (hafidhahumAllah ta`ala), outlining the entire case, including the Surat Declaration and all other information on the LightofTruth.org website and then see what Hadrat Muhaddith Kabeer and Hadrat Taj us-Shariah say!

    Secondly, you demanded that you see a "scan" from me and I demand the same from you. Thirdly, I have contact with Hadrat Taj us-Shariah and Hadrat Muhaddith Kabeer and I can get information to and from them. I'm not scared of your lies!

    Claim # 2: Mufti Abd ur-Rasul Mansur al-Azhari of Birmingham supports Molwi Jilani Mian

    Response: Again, I dare anyone to send a request of fatwa with the full case, including the Surat Spiritual Declaration and all info on the LightofTruth.org website (such as the letters between Hadrat Shaykh ul-Islam Allama Sayyid Muhammad Madani Miya and Molwi Jilani Baba, the Jame Ashraf fatwa, the condemnation of Molwi Jilani Baba by the Ashrafi khandaan, condemnation by Mawlana Khushtar Nurani etc. etc.)

    Secondly, bring your proof with a full scan and translation in writing! Otherwise, your stupid claims are not accepted.

    More refutations to come!
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