Gauhar Shahi and Yunuss Gouhar ; the Modern day Qhadianis

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by shibly, Jan 24, 2021.

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  1. shibly

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    The laymen unfortunately are very prone to such heretical tendencies and they are the prime targets. It is our religious duty to expose such vicious movements for the information of the common man. People should know what is the qufriya aqida of Gauhar Shahi and Yunus and why they are beyond the pale of Islam.Only a wide publicity on the Social Media and will serve the purpose. In no way it will help the heretics.
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  2. uk7866

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    Not so new really. Several years the tripe has been pushed by the deviants. Most are unaware of Gohar and Co. Raising awareness of them IMO would only give them the fuel and publicity they want. Their kuffar and nonsense is pretty clear and apparent that laymen would even understand.
  3. shibly

    shibly New Member

    A new fitna has arrived in Pakistan in the form of Gauhar Shahi(no more in this world) and his disciple Yunuss Gauhar. The latter who has succeeded the former is fervently engaged in misleading the semi-literate people in the subcontinent . Gauhar Shahi claimed himself the Messiah and in one video asserted that when he had stayed at a hotel in America all the prophets (peace be upon them)visited him to pay their respect. This is a very sinister development which needs to be tackled on war footing otherwise it will create more fissures in the Ummah. Yunuss is running a TV channel by name Alra to propagate his satanic mission to lead people astray.Of course the Ulema have been refuting his claim on the social media. But this fitna needs to be publicized on as many internet forums as possible to create awareness among the different Muslim communities living all over the globe so that they do not fall prey as they did to Ghulam Ahmed Qhadiani in the recent past. May Allah taala protect our eiman.

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