Gaza carnage

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Wadood, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Wadood

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    Israel and Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire and are then violating it. Wow! Like Hamas is really capable of making a ceasefire with the other party that is a fully trained, high tech oponent that has advantages 100 times higher.

    Hamas = commandoes/amateurs with silly funny looking rockets
    Zionist army = modern soldiers (but cowards) with all the gadgets and armoury you can think of
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    Israelis bombed another school, martyring more than 40 Palestinian civilians.
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  8. Wadood

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    This is nothing but war on the civilian population of Ghazza. Its like the Bosnian cage in which 100s of Muslims were crammed in for days, while they were attacked from the outside.

    While here the cage is 346 in size with 1.5+ million people inside, unable to escape, being bombed from the air.

    Sit at home, while bombs rain down over you. Count the hours, bear the anxiety. No one knows what the innocent, cute, ma'soom people of Ghazza, who like to play, to have family dinners, to enagage in family businesses are feeling at the moment. This is the same destruction that the Sunnis of Baghdad faced in the past 2 years. Baghdad lost 3 million Sunnis.

    They are terrified. All I see is that they are constantly doing 'ibada, saying La ilaha IlAllah

    InshaAllah ta'ala, falasteenis, no matter who they have chosen as their leaders, are the people of jannah. Allah ta'ala has washed away their sins in this dunya, and in akhira you will see them forgiven and standing next to RasulAllah salAllaho 'alaihi wa alihi wa salam and his friends.

    While the kuffar will see what their fate is.

    I think the media is deliberately lying about Hamas, and making false claims regarding it. They are inflamming the situation to spice up the news and make it seem as if two equal armies are engaging. This is a completely assymteric war.

    They are saying that Hamas is saying that "every street" and "every alley" will be a fighting ground. I am sure Hamas is not stupid enough for that, because it knows that those streets and alleys are filled with children and women, small babies.

    "Gaza will be your graveyard". The zionist media machine is deliberately capturing phrases randomly and spicing up the news with lies and made up deliberately mistranslated words and handing it over to the BBC and CNN.

    I am sure Hamas must be asking for help from the international world than keeping up with its 'supposed' verbal attacks on Israel, even though it might have been an organization that was initially helped by Israel itself to form to divide the Palestinians. But why are the appeals of Hamas not appearing over the Media, even the BBC. I see a hidden conspiracy here.

    This is a shameless episode. The stupid zionists are shameless people. Those fighting them are also shameless. Do they really think that the world is stupid enough to be blind to the craziness of this war? This is a crazy war. Its definitely just another experiment being conducted by israel to see how capable it is in gurrella warfare, or terrorist warfare. What would Israel do if it really faced an equal opponent? No one cares for the Palestinian people, no one.
  9. Wadood

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    It is official, at least 100 Palestinian children have been martyred in Israeli shelling. 100 children!

    If I am right, there must be 350,000 Palestinians displaced from Ghazza at the moment.

    Israel is engaging Hamas in civilian areas, in civilian apartment buildings as Guriella-sniper warfare.

    The situation is similar to Sri Lanka, where the Tamil Elam state in the north is being pounded by the Sri Lankan army, and its captial Kilnocchi

    Hamas seems more as the LTTE here. Both the LTTE and Hamas are making bold claims at the moment. On the ground, it does not seem that way. It seems more and more civilians are being martyred. May Allah protect Ghazza from the fate Baghdad suffered under occupation by oppressors.
  10. Wadood

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    the school seems really underfunded. I guess they were trying to follow the example of the American schools in the Gulf.

    the school does have a holiday for 'Prophet Muhammad's Birthday'

    one school guard was killed when Israel bombed the school
  11. Wadood

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    The Israelis bombed the American school in Ghazza. I believe it was the school directly involved in making relations better between the USA and the Palestinians within Ghazza.

    Israelis have also bombed other schools in Ghazza which I suppose had nothing to do with Hamas.

  12. Wadood

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    As far as I know, Ghazza is almost entirely plain, with no high ground. It is an area at sea level, plain and straight.
    How can one fight such an assymmetric war? This is not sothern Lebanon, which still had the advantage of being hilly and has a lot of places to hide. Southern rafiDi lebanon also had many escape routes out into Bekaa' and into zahle and sidon, but Ghazza only as 2 escape routes

    1) The bombed tunnels into the Sinai,
    2) and the Mediterranean Sea.

    The Sea is already swarming with Israeli gun-ships and the tunnels, besides being bombed, also have Egyptian guards on the other side. And even then, the terrain is very easy to cover, and very small. Ghazza is only a corridor, a strip, thats why they call it gaza strip.

    What would the SaHaba al-Kiram radyAllahu 'anhum have done, if they were in such a situation? In uHud, they had the blessed mountain and the blessed adjoining hills of uHud. They also had control of the plains of beautiful Medina, which was much an advantage to them. And besides that, when they were fighting the Kuffar of Makkah Mukarramah, the Ghazwa was a symmetric war. Those were two armies engaged. Hamas is not an army. All the training they have, they got it under the eyes of the Israelis.

    Lets say, you are the leader and ruling over a strip of land about 360 sq km in size. Thats like, if you are driving a car at 90 km/hr speed, it will take you, if only lightly interrupted by others cars, only 1 hour to go from one end of Khan Younis to Ghazza city on highway. It is such a small area. The width of the strip is even smaller. Infact, the width is 3 times smaller or so. And it would take the Israeli army to go from their side to the Mediterraneas in 1/2 an hour with air backing.

    So, if you are ruling such a strip, and you are the Muslim leadership, who is responsible for the defence and well being of 1.5 million Muslims and a few thousand Christian and Druze subjects, in this tiny area, in which on every you can find 4200 hungry people, what decisions might you take? What would HabeebAllah salAllaho 'alayhi wa alihi wa salam have done, or the saHaba al-kiraam have done? What would Sayyiduna Imam al-Husayn radyAllahu 'anhu have done? After all, he was in a similar situation, blockaded from food and water, repeatedly assaulted and threatened, no place to take shelter, and was completely in the open. Though Hamas has the hiding places of the dense building complexes that do go 10 to 15 floors high. Lots of chance for city guirella war fare. But the Israelis will just use their weapons genetic bombs and weapons of mass destruction, remember Jenin? This is 100% not a fair war.

    I do not have the answer. But as far as I can see, asking for a peace is the only choice. But like Fisk says, will Hamas just move out of Ghazza? They are the democractically elected govt there, the majority of the Palestinians elected them there.
  13. if i may come to wadood's defence for once?
    i deplore and condemn the actions of the israelis, and condemn even more the cowardly silence of the entire bunch of muslim and arab states --many of whom are complicit in this action --but HAMAS are a bunch of Wahabi terrorists for firing rockets into israel and provoking them or giving them a pretext to launch their attacks. an important aspect of military strategy is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your enemy. why encourage the israelis by firing rockets into civilian areas? rockets which practically are useless and then make you lose the moral high ground too.

    you don't poke a nest of hornet's with a stick and not expect to be stung! HAMAS are fools who are making the lives of ordinary palestinians even more difficult by inviting the israelis to bomb them. yes the israelis are hypocrites for not accepting that HAMAS were elected and dealing with them and forcing the US and EU to blockade the people of Gaza but HAMAS have made the situation 10x worse.

    Hamas are stupid Wahabis. The palestinians are suffering for the mistakes of HAMAS.
  14. Wadood

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    Much the same as Ahmed Yasin of Hamas

    "We are trying to hit everybody who is a leader of the organisation, and today we hit one of their leaders," said Israeli vice-prime minister Haim Ramon.

    Medics say a total of 13 members of Rayyan's family were killed by the airstrike on the residential neighbourhood.

    A Hamas official said: "The blood of Sheikh Nizar Rayyan and the blood of other martyrs will never be wasted and the enemy will pay a heavy price for the crimes it has committed."

    Hamas leaders went into hiding before Israel launched its operation, but Rayan was known for openly defying Israel, and the army said he had a tunnel under his house that could serve as an escape route. Rayan (49) ranked among Hamas' top five decision-makers.
  15. Wadood

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    What is the extent of intelligence that Israel has on the arab population within the borders of Palestine?

    "She said the Israeli military had called their home before attacking it, telling residents to leave for their own safety. She said her family did, but others refused."

    This was a Palestinian family in Ghazza with North American citizenships. Whether there be 1.5 million Palestinians in Ghazza or 3 million, it is not hard to document each and everyone of them. This is the modern age.

    I hope people here are watching aljazeera
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    israel is engaging in classic propaganda, do the palestinians really have such long range rockets after being under the nose of the israelis for so long, impossible. 865,000 israelis under threat. if you look at the figures since the past truce in june, not a single jew was killed

    hezbulla rafiDis might have iranian rockets that can go as far as Haifa, but I doubt that, but not the palestinian hamas. as far as I know, hamas has a pathetic arsenal, just to name whatever it has.

    seems like israel, as usual, is trying to justify its disproportionate response, which academics here in north america are already calling a war crime.
  19. Wadood

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    Brother I agree with you. I aplogize for taking your time. It is obvious as a Big Pink Elephant in the empty room, that there is no justification at all to what the zionist state is doing, as seen by anyone with the smallest set of neurons.

    I grew up with Palestinians in Saudi Arabia/Jordan/Qatar/ and Kuwait. I ate with them all my life. Played with them. My dear friend lives in East Jerusalem. He is an Israeli citizen, but a Palestinian who tells me everything first-hand these days, my only native source. He tells me how the zionist State has been expanding house by house there. How he has been barred from keeping a beard an inch longer. He also reads Hikam 'Ata'iyyah in Masjid al-AQsa, subhanAllah subHanAllah. Can you imagine reading that blessed work in that blessed place? subHanAllah

    The du'a of Habib 'Ali that I posted, and that of Habib 'Ali al-Habashi from Yemen, is what I have been reading since this trial started 2 days ago. I
    came to know about Habib 'Ali'd du'a from Deenport. However, I was already reading HasbiyAllahu wa ni'mal wakeel on my own.

    Please don't give me any attention or importance. I do not want to waste anyone's time.
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