Ghulamullah Khan of Pakistan

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    These were some of his beliefs, perhaps he was a deobandi mamati

    1) Do not call Imam Husayn raDyAllahu 'anhu as "Imam". Call him Hazrat Husayn because Sahabi is higher than the title of an Imam

    2) Better to never say "KaramAllahu wajhu" for Imam Ali KaramAllahu wajhu, but say raDyAllahu 'anhu, because that is better than KaramAllahu wajhu, as we can say karamAllahu wajhu even for a kafir, but not raDyAllahu anhu for a kafir

    3) Rasool e Paak is dead and gone
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    yesterday i met an elderly pakistani, who after much insistence, indulged that he is a follower of Ghulamullah Khan. The idea was to learn about the Pothwaar Plateau of Northern Pakistan, home of Pir Mehr Ali Shah raDyAllahu 'anhu, and nearly 20 million people, mostly Sunnis.

    i researched and found out that Ghulamullah Khan is a former Pakistani deobandi scholar, linked to the contemporary Lal Masjid group. Following some discussion, the Pakistani, in his 70s, presented the most despicable sets of beliefs i have ever heard in my life!! it could probably put ISIS/AQ and other khawarij to shame.

    With this experience, i understand the disgust and extreme loathing that most Sunnis from Pakistan and India express when talking about certain deobandis of their region. Honestly, this group within a group, is one of the worst form of wahabism I HAVE EVER SEEN in my life; it is a group made to target Rasool e Paak SalAllaho alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam. They let lose their followers like dogs and the purpose is to destroy the Imaan ! And after some thought, i believe Ashraf Ali Thanvi and Ismail Dehlvi are the cause.

    i couldn't believe what was being said by this perverted individual. It was like the devil speaking, WALLAH. And the irony is that neither age nor surrounding family, mostly women and children, made any difference to him.

    Some of these deobandis, the extreme ones, look like Muslims, but i do not think they are Muslims.

    Conclusion: deobandi wahabism is a quick self-destructive cancer. Infect a Muslim with it, and he will self-destruct quicker than a dunya parast, non-religious, evil following Sunni.
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