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    Allah ta'ala bless the Habaib, Allah ta'ala keep them with us.
    Allah ta'ala spread the light of Yemen once again to all the corners of the world as You Did 400 years ago!

    To me this is the time for Yemen to return, for HaDramaut to return, and for Islam to revolutionize the lives and hearts of Men once again.
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    Habib 'Ali series of lectures


    برنامج أيها المريد:

    سلسلة دروس في " آداب السير إلى الله " ألقاها الحبيب علي في الجامع الكبير بدمشق، وتبث على قناة المحور في شهر رمضان المبارك في الأوقات التالية

    يعرض على: المحور الفضائية

    مواعيد العرض:

    الساعة 04:45 مساء بتوقيت مكة المكرمة
    03:45 مساء بتوقيت القاهرة
    05:45 مساء بتوقيت أبوظبي
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    Habib 'Ali series of Durus, 'ayyhual Murid'. These are to answer the real meanings of what is it to be a 'murid', what is 'suluk', and what is to 'journey to Allah ta'ala', how to establish it in the Umma of HabeebAllah salAllaho 'alayhi wa salam today.

    mashAllah, I love Habib 'Ali, mashaAllah, mashaAllah

    These are the blessed Ahl al-Bayt, the Pure Ahl al-Bayt, the Blood of Imam Husayn radyAllahu 'anhu, the light of our hearts in this dark age, this is who they the Ahl al-Bayt are

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