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  1. Anas (Radiallahu Anhu) reports:

    "The Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him) was neither tall nor was he short he. In complexion, he was neither very white like lime, nor very dark, nor brown which results in. The hair of the Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him) was neither very straight nor very curly. When he attained the age of forty, Allah the Almighty granted him Prophethood. He lived for ten years in Makkah and in Madinah for ten years. At that time there were not more than twenty white hair on his blessed head and beard."

    [Shamail At-Tirmidhi]

    Was Salam

    From : http://drjash.wordpress.com/ --- http://www.islamopedia.co.uk/
    عابد محمود

    From Ubayy Ibn K'ab RA. "The believer has four characteristic. If he is afflicted by any misfortune, he remains patient and steadfast. If he is given anything, he is grateful.If he speaks, he speaks the truth. If he passes a judgement on any issue, he is just."


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