Hadrat Mu'awiyah use to Swear at Mawla Ali - Pir Abdul Qadir

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  1. chisti-raza

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    an extract from Siraj al-Awarif by the Grandmaster of the Qadiri Barkati order, the Murshid and teacher of our Murshids, the Zaydi Sayyid of the Ahl al-Bayt:

    The Second Lustre:
    Twenty Sixth Nur:

    Nowadays, some people of the Ahl al-Sunna wa al Jama'at freely visit and associate themselves with the Rafdis (Shia’s). Due to their instigation, they speak and think ill of Amir Mu'awiyya and other Sahabah. This itself is open Rafds (Shia'ism). Therefore, it is appropriate for me to explain some things about Sayyiduna Amir Mua'wiyya. A true Sufi will always accept the words and advice of the Grand Sufi Master, Sultan Shaykh Nizam al-Din Awliya (One of the big five senior Chishtiyyah Saints of the Indo-Pak sub-continent). ). His words indeed are sufficient as proof. It is recorded in the Malfuzat of Shaykh Sultan Nizam al-Din Awliya Mehbub-e-Ilahi, Fawa’idul Fawad that once Shaykh Amir Hasan Olah Sanjari (compiler of the Malfuzat) asked the illustrious Wali as to what Aqida (belief) must one have regarding Sayyiduna Amir Mua’wiyya.

    He replied, “He was a Muslim and belonged to the Noble Sahabah fraternity. He was the brother of Umm al Mo'minin Sayyidah Umme Habibah. She was a respectable wife of Sayyiduna Rasulullah - peace and blessings be upon him and his family.” He went on further to say that she belonged to the sacred Harem of the Beloved Nabi - peace and blessings be upon him and his family.

    and this was written over a hundred years ago!
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    Sitting in the audience is Mazammil alPunjabi and Amin Madani. Both are hardened Rafidi. Muzammil asks the question.
  3. Muhammad Ali

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  4. I do not know why this group has this bizarre, idiosyncratic, belief about denying the marriage of the daughter of Hazrat Ali :as: to Hazrat Umar :ra: ? Has any other Sunni group before them held such a belief?
  5. sunnistudent

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    Did Pir Abdul Qadir Saheb said that about Shih al Bukhari? The hadith talks about first naval battle ,( glad tiding of enetering jannah) and the second part of the same hadith ( sins being forgiven) is for the first army which attacks the city of qaisar. Yazeed was not in the first attack , neither has Imam Bukhari compiled in his sahih any such narration.

    The marriage is proved from both sunni and shi'i hadith as well history books. Those who have contact with him can send him those ahadith and narrations from sunni and shi'i sources. He can chose what ever suits him.
  6. Muhammad Ali

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    Brother Abu Hasan he didn't mention Imam Bukhari in this clip Yes. But you probably don't know whats been going on, on television channels in the UK. This speech Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib did was a reply to Syed Irfan Shah Sahib. Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib and his followers had to ask for time on DM SUNNI TV to reply back to Shah Sahib. Whatever Pir Sahib said on DM SUNNI TV was to refute Syed Irfan Shah Sahib. Syed Irfan Shah Sahib the day before Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib gave his reply, Syed Irfan Shah Sahib on talking on the Nikkah of Sayiduna Umar and Sayidah Umm e Kulsoom, Shah Sahib gave references from Bukhari Shareef, to this you can see the reply from Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib in the start of this video. Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib also in his speech gave references to prove Sayiduna Umar wasn't even married to Sayiduna Ali's daughter.
  7. abu Hasan

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    i watched the short clip, posted on youtube and i did not hear about bukhari being mentioned in that clip. i do not visit tahir's forum.
  8. Muhammad Ali

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    Just to add on, everyone has missed one point in this video including Brother Abu Hasan, Syed Irfan Shah Sahib on Tv said he is quoting from Sahih Bukhari and people in reply are bringing references of books written by Naatkhawaans. Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib at the start said in this video (to Syed Irfan Shah Sahib), you are saying you are giving references from the biggest and most authentic book, isn't this the same book where its written that Yazeed is in heaven?
  9. Muhammad Ali

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  10. Abu Fadl

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    Thank you for valuing my opinion and asking me to write something.

    I have always said I am against the slander of any Sahabi, in fact the slander of any Muslim which is why I objected to the language used by Mashaddi Shah Sb. I have not watched the clip yet but if there is any factually incorrect information in there then I will make a comment.
  11. kattarsunni

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    I suggest you listen to the above video where he says Amir Mu'awiya radiyAllahu anhu would curse Sayyiduna Ali radiyAllahu anhu.
  12. muslim 1st Sunni 2nd

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    You've made such a bold statement and yet haven't named the scholar.
    - Who is this very senior scholar?
    - May I ask has the scholar read Zubdah-at-Tahqiq?
    - On what basis has the scholar labelled Pir Saheb a Shiah?

    If they haven't read the book I strongly suggest and urge they read the book before passing comment on the creed of Pir Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Saheb.
  13. chisti-raza

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    well, tafdhil is the doorway to rifd.
  14. Abu Hafsah

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    When Sayyidna Imame Hasan (Radiallahuanhu) did Sulha with Sayyidna Ameer Muawiyya (Radiallahuanhu) and did Bayah, then how can Hasnain kareemain do this if Sayyidna Ameer Muawiyya was doing Tabarra of their father Imam Ali karimallahuwajhul kareem??????
  15. abu Hasan

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    nashw o numaa hai asl se ghaalib furu'u ko
    khamoshi hi se nikle hai jo baat chaahiye

    [would have preferred to leave it as is, but some brothers seem to be left out; hence the translation; standard translations usually peg this to its literal meaning - but, then...]
    fundamentally, it is trivial things that are given to pomp and show
    and that which is important (and grave) is [usually] said quietly.

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  16. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I will wait for a response to brother Chishti Raza's post and then comment.
  17. chisti-raza

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    and what is the ruling upon that person whose tawil upon the statements/conversations of the illustrious, noble and blessed Companions of the Best of Mankind - Peace and Blessings be upon him - and in particular one illustrious Companion - may Allah be pleased with them all - is generally always to the negative? Does this fall within 'a little bidah' like tafdhil?

    How beautiful has Sayyid Ahmad Sa'id Kazmi Sahib - Alaihi Rahmah - put it:

    and as for Ala Hazrat's fatwa that is being quoted all of the time; where does the Imam say that investigation into the nasab of a person who claims to be Sayyid is forbidden (although we do give benefit of the doubt and act on that which is apparent at that particular time), especially when many serious issues arise from statements of this person (which affect doctrine)?

    Also, what is the definition of this respect and the boundaries of this respect for respect is of many forms? Do we allow a person to still ascend the pulpit, disparage the Noble Companions and esteemed Imams of hadith then wait for them to descend, kiss their hands and place their hands on our heads?

    * this is not a call for takfir by tawil on the statement of Kazmi Sha Saheb - alaihi rahmah.

    i wrote much more than this but realised that there is a fine line between respect that comes with love and protection of sanctity that comes with love and we do not trade this to protect one at the expense of the other. And we do not trade the respect of one Sayyid with that of another!
  18. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    I did not make that claim. The Emir did.

    Jazak Allah khayr akhi.
  19. absalih

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    Hazrat Shah Waliyullah ad-Dahlawi(Rah)

    Hazrat Shah Waliyullah Muhaddis ad-Dahlawi(Rah) wrote in ihis Persian work 'Izalat al-Khafa 'an Khilafat al-Khulfa' (lit. 'Removal of Ambiguity about the Caliphate of the [Early] Caliphs')
    [FONT=Verdana,Helvetica,Arial]as translated by Huseyn Himi Isik.rah[/FONT]

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