Hafiz Aslam with kafir Abu Layth

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Jonaid202, May 1, 2021.

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  1. abu Hasan

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    for those who have shame?
  2. Jonaid202

    Jonaid202 New Member

    Shaykh Aslam has spoken more against Ghamkol then he has on Israel. His silence on Israel, Gaza and Masjid Aqsa is a big shame. Likewise, Mufti Wajid and Waheed Zaman (an avid Aslam diehard) have equated Hamas to ISIS. While Shaykh Yaqoubi has condemned the Palestinian resistance along with the Israelis. Shameful.
  3. ahmad786

    ahmad786 Active Member

    Apparently 2013 ish
  4. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    When were these photos taken?
  5. Jonaid202

    Jonaid202 New Member

  6. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Is that one of the Hijazis too? If so, he probably needs to do tawbah for believing Allah ta'ala is everywhere and enter Islam again. Ta'ala Allahu uluwwan kabeera.
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  7. Jonaid202

    Jonaid202 New Member

    C39B91A0-2580-4DBD-8F0A-00C6A11E0C62.jpeg AE6DB37B-A7C4-469A-A1E6-491A739CC06B.jpeg B766CB09-18D7-4594-A8FD-96695A0480BF.jpeg FBBB6AB9-880B-44E0-AFCE-AB4E69E3B362.jpeg Then why does he avoid Sunnis like Shaykh Asrar when he can sit with Layth?

    Layth even defended Hafiz Aslam recently.
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