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    unfortunately, the event didn't start on time. it was after 6pm that proceedings began.

    mawlana nabeel afzal was the stage secretary.

    speakers included mufakkir e islam allama a'zami, mufti aslam bindyalwi, mawlana abu zohra rizwi, mawlana arshad misbahi, mawlana naveed ashrafi, mufti fazl e qayyum subhani and others too.

    qibla sher besha'e ahle sunnat arrived after asr and he began his speech after 11pm if i remember well and it was a brilliant speech, truly amazing. i always learn something new when i listen to him and he proved the veracity of the sahaba and ummahatu'l mu'minin from the qur'an. truly enthralling. it shows his acumen and how well read he is.

    he said he wishes the tafzilis can get out the way so that we can refute the proper rafzis who are barking day and night on tv.

    shah sahib has been ill for a few weeks but the speech he delivered, apart from his cough, was remarkable. a blessing for the ahle sunnat of the UK, he is.
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    Will it be streamed?
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    The 12th Annual Haq Chaar Yaar Conference

    Saturday 4th May, 2013

    Lala's Bradford, Toller Lane, BD8 9DD

    5pm onwards

    Under the supervision of Sayyid Irfan Mash'hadi*

    There is a long list of major scholars who will also attend, including:

    Mufakkir e Islam Allama Qamar uz Zaman A'zami**
    Allama Shahid Raza Na'imi
    Mufti Aslam Bandyalwi
    Mawlana Abu Zohra Jameel Ahmad Rizwi
    Mawlana Arshad Misbahi
    Mufti Fazl e Qayyum Subhani

    Food will be served after the programme.

    * The Lion of Ahlu's Sunnah and our foremost spokesperson in the UK.
    ** I've heard hundreds of Urdu orators but no one compares to Lisan al-Asr, Khatib e A'zam A'zami.

    I would love to see all our youth there, especially those from forums such as ours. We need to show our support for people like Sayyid Mash'hadi and that we are 100% behind him and will back him all the way in his defence of Ahlu's Sunnah and his refutation of the innovators.

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