harrow masjid - wahabi takeover

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Sacred, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    As for the Khateeb of Harrow Masjid it gets more sinister. Here he is at another Shia Centre in London:

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  2. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Not sure praa?
  3. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    Sag e Attar and Attari is that Mawlana Ahmad Raza Madani of Slough on the right of the rafizi?
  4. Sag-e-Attar786

    Sag-e-Attar786 New Member

    i reached after maghrib and i did not see this guy
    indeed what is happening?
  5. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Looks like a kattar shia!!
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    having Shiites in majalis might push away the wahabi Somalis and other salafis of London, and prevent them from listening to Haqq
  7. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    What is happening to the Sunnis in Harrow? This is the main khateeb and teacher at Harrow with the ithna ash'ari rafidis

  8. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    Not sure if its the Grand Mawlid (taken from Harrow Masjid Facebook) but seems like a mehfil e meelaad - here again the strangely attired individual front stage next to the Dawate Islamic brother - imam e masjid is to the right 10918936_689057817878505_7224416320154717889_o.jpg
  9. Musafir

    Musafir Active Member

    10947447_689057931211827_701248551638304724_o.jpg Who was this guy at Grand Mawlid Harrow
  10. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    No worries pra'

    I knew you meant them specific shias, but some people put accusations on us saying we do takfir of all shias;)
  11. IslamIsTheTruth

    IslamIsTheTruth Well-Known Member

    Chill Attari Saab, I was referring to the ithna ashariyyah who were the sponsors of the event.

    If you recall what I wrote you will see it says Shia kafir who 'sponsored the event' meaning the twelvers as the poster indicates.

    I will try and be less ambiguous next time.
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  12. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Bro you shouldnt be so open in takfeer of shias, many people will perceive that you are saying that about each and evey shia, which you probably dont mean. Some sects within the shias are murtad, some bad deen, not all kafir like you said.

    And no i disagree, its sacreds fault for being quick to say mufti saabs a sullah kulli, he shouldnt be coming from them angles, the ulama like mufti shams are wise enough to know how to deal with issues.

    He made a mistake-period.
  13. IslamIsTheTruth

    IslamIsTheTruth Well-Known Member

    I think mufti Shams ul Huda misbahi deserves some husn e dhan.
    Throwing his name in with the likes of Khalid and Asim is a bit unfair.
    The latter two especially Khalid has a proven track record of wishy washyness.

    But maybe someone should have contacted mufti Saab before hand to alert him of the fact that kafir Shias were sponsoring the event.

    I get where 'Sacred' is coming from though.
    If it can be proven that mufti Saab was aware of the Shia involvement then questions should rightly be raised.

    No one is above criticism and questioning, obviously through the right channels.
    (All the channels have been exhausted with Khalid before anyone says anything)

    But until then we should exercise some restraint.

    P.s same goes for mufti Zahid Hussain aswel.
  14. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Exactly "sacred". Bro dont be quick to call ulama "sullah kulli". You dont understand the seriousness of the word sullah kulli is, it can go to the extent of being interprated as kufr, as the person who doubts kufr has done kufr. Do not use it lightly. You should have asked mufti shams first if he even saw that logo on the poster, after that you should have began to slander him saying he is a "sullah kulli". Accept it, we all make mistakes, it takes the bigger person to accept rather than become stuble. Mufti shams ul huda"s speach in the mosque being discussed was openly refuting the wahabis, allah knows best if he knew about the shia sponsor or not.

    He is a mureed of mufti e azam hind who was a born wali of allah, he has khilafat from sarkaar huzoor taajushariah and huzoor badr e millat, he has refuted corrupt sects in his fatawa kanzul imaan and other works which you may not know of.

    I hope you realise the bohtaan which you put on mufti shams ul huda razavi.
  15. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    What do you make of someone who rants and raves after the event?

    Why not take the issue to the concerned ulama before the event has taken place?
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  16. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    How do you know he even seen the poster. Hes a old man who i dont think looks at the english poster before attending an event. You make no sense at all, attaking the eminent ulama, because of a tiny logo on the end of a poster!

    You need to retract your comments about him, im not being bias, if it i knew he saw the logo i would have not backed him up, but because i know mufti saabs tabiyaat, im almost 100% that he didnt see the poster. Even i didnt realise till i zoomed in!
  17. Sacred

    Sacred Active Member

    What do you call sitting in an event with a shia logo on it?

    Dont be bias if it was anyone else you would call it what it is
  18. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    He isnt a sulla kulli at all!
    Stop making judgments so quick without analysing the situation, thats one thing whats stopped the ahle sunnah from reaching its potential, cos of people in the middle creating mischeif
  19. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Little bachay raising fingers on ulama like mufi shams. Mufti shams refuted wahabis openly in his speech. Its a different matter if he saw the poster or didnt, and also he doesnt know as much gossip as we do as he isnt on forums like sunnaforum or sunniport. Do husn e zann, and just relax.
  20. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Relax, mufti shams ul huda razavi is more wise than you think, you do not have no idea as to what he may have spoken about to the committee and so on. Contact him before saying he SHOULD know better. Relax..

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