harrow masjid - wahabi takeover

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Sacred, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Lonely_Mountain

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    Thanks :)
  2. snaqshi

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    سم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    May Allah Bless you brother, that is exactly my sentiment on the matter, without that safe guard within our constitutions we are never going to weed out these sneaky people and they will keep causing untold damage to our awaam, especially the youth.
  3. Lonely_Mountain

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    I agree brother, hopefully I have correctly understood your post, there should be an attempt to educate those scholars who uphold the sullah kulli views, and for them to be given a chance to explain and repent from why they made that certain decision, if they think they were correct and on Haq for being Sullah Kulli despite after being explained the matter, then we know we can leave them to their devices and not consider them Ulema.
    But if after being explained the matter, and being given a chance to explain themselves, they decide that they were wrong and want to leave Sullah Kullism, then we won't hold it against them nor remind them of it unnecessarily. (That is only if they genuinely believe they were wrong).
    If in some Sunni masajid there are people/scholars who are Sullah Kulli they will be invited to sign the constitution (which will have a section on Sulla Kullism) and it can act as a trigger for them to amend their ways.

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  4. snaqshi

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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    You hit the nail on the head brother, that exactly what I am talking about.

    Now regarding Sulli Kulli's, one shaykh gave me this example which i wish to share with you guy he said, "take the example of a namaazi and a choowr (thief) and they are both sat together its time for sallah the namaazi has 2 choices:
    choice (1): pray his salah and not say anything to the thief and let him fend for himself or....
    choice (2): The namaazi tells the thief to pray with him and at the same time tell him that he should stop his thieving as it is bad.

    Now the shaykh asked me which was the option i would choose i said choice 2, he said that most people would chose this one. He then said regarding those who are sulli kulli we should educate them to the point where they agree and do tasdeeq on what is kufr such as imkaani kizb etc. He said and alim can call something or someone a kafir since he can justify through knowledge that that thing or person is a kaffir, it is his job, but the normal, aam jahil person should not involve himself in such matter, however he should confirm what is kufr. He said the mimimum point is to make sure that people confirm what is kufr, like the thief we should that theft is a bad action leave it and come to the way of the worship of Allah (wa man aHsonu qowlam min man da3a illahi wa 3amilus saaliH), so the same goes for the sulli kulli lot the ulema should (it is their duty) to educate them (and us) to a point where they confirm what is kufr e.g. imkaani kizb is kufr to leave it and come to the worship pf Allah azza wa jal.

    So in our consitution (masaajids) the orthodoxy should be written in and confirm by each an every comittee member and if he renegades from that poisition he should be thrown out no ifs or but, even if he from ones family or coom (braadiri).

    Allah knows best
  5. Lonely_Mountain

    Lonely_Mountain Active Member

    Constitutions most definitely are necessary, someone I know (student of knowledge) is working on one.

    Good question bro. I think the existing committee members would have to sign the constitution as well, and the constitution can also state that if you are on the committee you are not allowed to make decisions due to braadrism and if you do so, and there is evidence to prove it, then we will remove you from the committee. No questions asked.
    Secondly, ideally, committee members should be knowledgeable and not some Citizen Khan character or some guy's uncle who owns the restaurant down the street. Majority of the committee members should be knowledgeable and outnumber these braadari characters, that way were they to include come corruption, they will just get overwhelmed and will simmer down.

    For example! Their current Imam / Madrasssa Principle "Faid Mohammed Said" recently spoke at a Shia event on Muharram and Harrow Mosque also invited Shia folk to talk at their event :S I attached the posters. Very annoying.

    I agree! I would rather employ hundreds of Sunni youth as part-time Imams on a rota who are not in some bubble, than have some bureaucratic preacher, (i.e. see example above). Way more barakat in my opinion.

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  6. snaqshi

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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    But how will you safe guard yourselves against the issue of braadri-ism, that is one of the major issues up and down England, that has resulted in Ahle sunnat wal jamaat masaajids becoming inept at providing the basic fundamental tools for our youth to survive and function effectively in secular society.

    I would say without hesitation in my experience of being to a far few mosques up on down the UK that the biggest 2 problems effecting ahle sunnat wal jamaat in the UK is (1) sullah Kulli and (2) Braadri-ism and unfortunately in many sunni masaajid we have both. Constitutions are not worth the paper they are written on when you have committee members whose main focus is braadri first and everything else is secondary.
  7. Aqdas

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    constitutions will protect us to a large extent. it should contain that all trustees, imams, teachers, guest speakers etc. must sign it and the second they renege, they are automatically disqualified.
  8. Abu Hamza

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    Not exactly suprising, Harrow Central Mosque is run by Saifis, its only a matter of time before people begin to loathe the bid'aat that they do and demand a change of committee.
  9. Ethical_Barelvi

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  10. Wadood

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    By barelvi they mean Sunni.

    One has to be a Sunni, preferably an educated, well qualified, English speaking young Imam of good and well-known character.

    We can employ hundreds of Sunni youth as such [ even as part time ]
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  11. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    A geniune question: Does one have to be Barelvi to be Imaam in a Masjid?
  12. Ghulam

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    Aqdas Misbahi the likes of Mufti Shams share the stage with Tim at Harrow


    the Sunnis in London are a mess. The likes of Muhaqqiq e Brittania, Mufakkir Azmi, Baba e Brittania, Mufakkir Bihari and others need to sit down with these Londoners and get them to sign a constitution that the Imam or committee member has to be a Sunni Barelwi. Woking Masjid has a constitution like this
  13. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    there is a thread elsewhere on the net called 'harrow mosque danger' which states that the wahabis are standing for election there to take it over - inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

    the masjid hosts Abdul hakim murad and hamza Yusuf so it seems these scholars are unable to counter the wahabi threat and people are asking for a constitution.
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