Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)

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  1. abu Hasan

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    just completing the book - the leaked version that is. if you didn't know, someone got the book in advance shipped by mistake. and they took the trouble of photographing every page!

    759 pages in all.

    and another gang typed out the photographed book in a pdf.

    there are theories that it might be a marketing ploy, and it is not the real book, but in geek circles a majority considers the leak to be genuine. even nyt reviewer thought so. tonight we will see.

    i won't spoil the plot for any of you [nor draw attention of rowling's attorney to our site; they are sending cease-and-desist to even bloggers! who wants to lose time on a silly book?]

    if this is the original - and not a ploy - then it is very disappointing. jk has plagiarized from others before, but this time (assuming the book is original) she has not spared fan-fiction either.

    the title should be: 'hermione granger and her friend with bad temper: harry potter'. because unfortunately, jk's wand was pointed at potter when she uttered the [fourth] unforgivable curse: 'irascibilis perpetualis.' there is no known cure for this even at mungo's; an old newspaper clipping mentioned that dumbledore was doing research on a cure but with him dead, harry is on his own.

    or '101 sure ways to be a lousy hero'

    or 'can you win with a bad temper?'

    harry might be talented, but on his own he would long be destroyed by even the recruit death-eaters if not for his numerous friends who stick with him in spite of his arrogance.

    think twenty sancho panzas and a don quixote. more comments after the book is released.

    init review: (on the leaked book) cheesy subplots. sometimes you can see through them easily. but to her credit, jk keeps the story moving and holding you to the book - that, i believe is her best talent.
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  2. i believe amazon lists it as 680 pages or something.
    apparently rowling will kill off two main characters. i believe them to be harry and possibly draco.
  3. abu Hasan

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    avada kedavra?

    i wonder how big the book will be. anything less than 700 pages could not possibly close the umpteen sub-plots. it has been a good read though not really very original. but certainly, the books in the series are well-written.

    it remains to be seen if it ends with a bang or a whimper.
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  4. :s1:

    Who is going to read the last HP book? BTW did you know that so far the HP books have sold over 390 million copies worldwide?!

    I think Harry will die in the process of killing Voldemort.

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