Hazrat Amir e Millat Pir Sayyid Jamaat Ali Shah on Shias

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    ???? is this a ruling , a quote from a speech ?
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    The great saint and muhaddith of Alipur Sharif said:

    "A shia can never be a sayyid and a true sayyid can never be a shia."

    "If a dog is drinking water upstream from a river, it is permissable to drink the water downstream, but if a shia is drinking water upstream, one is not allowed to drink the water downstream."

    "If there is a dog on the roof of a house, it is permissable to read salah in that house, but if there is a shia on the roof, the salah is not valid."

    Hazrat Amir-e-Millat Pir Jamaat Ali Shah Muhaddis-e-Alipuri :ra:

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