How old are Barelwi beliefs?

Discussion in 'Tarikh' started by CHISHTI, Jul 12, 2007.

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    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    JazaakAllaah Brother Muhammad, these different groups only need to look at the Islamic history of india and ask themselves why their beliefs did not exist until after the publication of taqwiyatul iman. I mean when was the first madrassah salafiyya built in india, if it was in the 19th century then does that mean all Muslims in india were upon bidah and dalala for 900 years and the same applies for the deobandis. We can show our historical proof aswell as our Quranic proof for our beliefs stretching back all the way to the Noble cave of Hira whereas the others go back about 200 years.
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    Reply To Barelwi Believes


    Assalam Alaikum

    I read your reply for the barelwi believes which is very perfect and informative and a guidance to line for all who follows Sunni School of law.

    your brother

    Muhammed A. Hafeez
  3. Harisa

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    exactly, brother Aqdas, there is no such thing as 'Barelwi' with respect to ideological school in Islam.
    Deobandi beliefs, yes.
    Wahabi beliefs, yes.
    Shi`a beliefs, yes.
    Barelwi beliefs, ? (Barelwi is someone who comes from Bareli in India). The term 'Barelwi' is an idological term given by the Deos to the Sunnis of Indo-Pak who are anti-Dob/anti-Wab. This term was given in order to isolate the Muslims of Indo-Pak from the Ummah because Imam Ahmad Rida Khan isolated them due to their deviant beliefs.
    Hence, there is no such thing as a 'Barelwi Belief', because 'Barelwi Belief' is 'Sunni Belief', used by Dobs/Wabs to make others 'believe' that Muslims of Indo-Pak are different from Muslims elsewhere.
    So, there is no such thing as 'Barelwi Belief'.
  4. Aqdas

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    barelwi beliefs = the beliefs held by people known as barelwis.
  5. Harisa

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    There's no such thing as 'Barelwi Belief'.
  6. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    woh raza ke nezey ki maar hai, ke `adu ke seene meiN ghaar hai
    kisey chara juyi ka waar
    hai, ke ye waar waar se paar hai

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    Once someone told me:
    " Alahazrat nay deobandiyoon ko aisa thappar mara ke woh aaj tak gaaliyon ke sewa kuch nahi keh sakte".

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    Which proves my point even more - even if the chronology is out - the basic message is the same
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    Islam has been in India for 1300+ years actually.

    For evidence come to Peshawar, or come to Thatta, Sindh and look at the 2 metre high grave stones, something you cannot find except in early 'Abbasi times.

    800 years ago it was 1207. There were already old Muslim dynasties in India back then, albeit Isma'ili Shi'a ones too. Shaykh 'Ali a-Hajwiri came more than 900 years ago.

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    It amazes me!!! Islaam has been in india for 800 years approx. with Hazrat Shaikh Ali Hujwari, Khwaaja Ghareeb Nawaaz (RadyAllaahu Anhum) etc and the deobandi seminary has been around for just over 150 years. My question is is that subtract 150 from 800 and you get 650 years so what was the Aqeedah of the Muslims 650 years prior to the building of the deobandi madrassah - they couldn't have been deobandis because the seminary didn't exist!! Before anybody says "neither did the berelwis" then i'd just like to add that Imam Ahmad Raza didn't start anything new, he was a Qadiri (didn't start that) a Hanafi (didn't start that) and a Maturidi (didn't start that) and if you look at the beliefs which Ala Hazrat staunchly defended they were around centuries before his birth, Mazaraat, Milaad Shareef, Faatiha for the deceased, intercession, Pir and Mureed etc and if you don't believe me then read the likes of Hazrat Shaikh Abul Haq Muhaddith i Dehlvi. Hazrat Shah Waliullah and all the books written by the great Ulema and Sufia who lived and spread Islaam in india hundreds and hundreds of years before the birth of Ala Hazrat. Where were all the fataawa of shirk, kufr and bidah before the opening of the deobandi madrassah??? Why was it that Muslims only started to be called bidati, mushrik and grave worshipper only after this seminary opened and if Muslims were in kufr and bidaah for 650 years prior to the building of the deobandi seminary then where did the deobandi ulema get their Islaam from - couldn't have been anyone in india because they were all bidatis and mushriks!!! Do the maths and open your eyes, thank you for your post brother Aqdas - lets hope people can benefit from it inshAllaah
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  12. Aqdas

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    there once lived a foul-mouthed liar named ihsan ilahi zaheer. he claimed that imam ahmad raza initiated a new sect.

    but, zaheer himself says in his book that:

    "yeh jama'at apni paidaish aur naam ke lehaaz se nayi hai lekin afkar aur 'aqayid ke i'ytibaar se qadeem hai"

    as alaHazrat says in subHan al-subbuH, liars have bad memories. look what he set out to do and on page 7 of his book, he refuted himself and his clan.
  13. Aqdas

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    Thanaullah Amratsari wrote:

    "In Amritsar, the Muslim and non-Muslim populations are equal. Eighty years ago, nearly all Muslims followed that creed which is today called Hanafi Barelwi"

    (Sham’a Tawhid, page 4. Maktaba Thana’ia, Sargodha, Punjab)

    So, either you are wrong or Ahmad Rida Khan had influence over people before was born.

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