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Discussion in 'Hadayiq e Bakhshish' started by azizq, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

    Really? He must of recently went back, because he has been teaching a book called Al iktiyar since Last year Rabi al awwal. I remember listening to one of his speeches. MashaAllah he is very fluent in English.
  2. edhi92

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    No he's still in Durban, South Africa... He might have went to UK just for a visit!
  3. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

    SubhanAllah. I think Shaykh Abdul Hadi al-Qadiri has moved to UK now.
  4. edhi92

    edhi92 New Member

    Assalamu Alaykum

    It was narrated to me by Khalifa-e-Mufti Aazam Hind Shaykh Abdul Hadi al-Qadiri of Raza Academy, South Africa and he heard from his Shaykh Mustapha Raza Khan Sahib Alaihir Rahmatur Ridwan that How do the family of AlaHadrat used to come to know when AlaHadrat is blessed by the Vision of Sarkar Kareem Alaihi Afdalus Salati wat Tasleem? Mufti Aazam said that there were few things to be noticed! Mainly, AlaHadrat used to recite the following frequently:

    "Khwab mein Beemar ne teray Jalway Dekhay
    Ek Ajab Lutf Mila Mehw-e-Tamasha ho kr
    Itnay mein Aankh khuli So Gaey Bakht-e-Baydaar
    Jaagna Mujh ko Satanay Laga Sona Ho kr"

    Secondly, AlaHadrat used to order his Family to make Sheerni (Sweet Dish) that day and it happened a lot of times!!

    If someone here have read this anywhere then please let me know about the reference! JazakALLAHu Khairah aHsanul Jaza fid Daarain

    Wassalamu Alaikum

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