humareh nabi Vs hamarah nabi

Discussion in 'Hadayiq e Bakhshish' started by AbdalQadir, Apr 2, 2020.

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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    thanks for linking that thread. it's all falling into place now. these bad peers from eidgah seem to be working towards an agenda against Sunni aqidah.

    see post # 11 of the thread you linked. as Aqdas said, the same moronic peerzadas from pindi objected to Ala Hazrat's usage of tu, tum, tera etc.

    it is the same moronic peerzadas who have recently come out of the closet as tafzili (now retracted apparently) & minhaji supporters - see this recent thread -


    these dumb morons from eidgah seem to have a bughd against Ala Hazrat (Sunni aqidah really) and think they are some sort of super intellectual super Sunnis.

    if you think Ala Hazrat was that incompetent that he didn't know where to use aap, tu, and tera in his native language, why even bother reciting his kalam in the first place?

    what's the point reciting his substandard poetry with your wonderful corrections? if he was that careless with just basic urdu grammar, imagine how bad he could have been with matters of aqidah, fiqh, FAZAIL, historical narrations, etc. mentioned in his poetry?

    is it fard 3ayn or kifayah to recite Ala Hazrat's poetry or salam? just forego all of it.

    why bother correcting his substandard poetry?

    oh but wait - these eidgah peers are a bunch of jahil, shameless, lazy, ingrates - munafakhor, haramkhor, ahsan-faramosh shopkeepers - all running shop in the name of Sunniyat and tasawwuf.

    they don't have the caliber to compose their own poetry as alleged mutasawwifeen. like an utterly helpless mayyit laden on people's shoulders, these soul-dead peerzadas can't carry their own damn weight.

    so they recite Ala Hazrat's salam and his poetry, because like corpses, they have no capabilities of their own. but in order to profiteer from Sunniyat and Ala Hazrat, being the shameless ahsan-faramosh conmen these guys are, they need to also alter his poetry to allegedly correct it and show their superiority. disgusting.

    don't get it with these shameless deobandis, minhajis and tafzilis. lately deobandis too have started reciting "modified" versions of Ala Hazrat's salam and poems (and the Burdah too). similar story with minhajis and tafzilis. even if they don't alter his poetry or kalam, they directly attack core aspects of Sunni aqidah and manhaj.

    we get it - your knowledge of deen is not just superior to Ala Hazrat, but also his knowledge, tasawwuf, poetry etc. is replete with rudimentary errors. so please don't bother reading his kalam or salam or citing his Fatawa Ridawiyyah. i think that's a fair thing to ask of this lot.

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  3. sajid riasat

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    Assalamu alaykum

    I wish to take this opportunity to ask a question that has been [laying on my mind for a while.

    I have noticed that there are some groups emanating from islamabad , pakistan that seem to have a habit of changing the kalam as found in the book Hadaaiq e bakshish.


    Chamak AAP se pathe hain sab paneh wale

    E.g. 2

    Sab se awla o aalaa hamareh nabi.

    Do the distinguished participants of this forum deem such interpolation and alterations of the original text valid and acceptable?

    In anticipation of your reply

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