Imam Ayyub Sakhtiyani Praised Imam Abu Hanifa

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    Great Status Of Imam Ayyub Sakhtiyaani
    It is reported that Hammad ibn Zaid said:

    Ayyub [Al-Sakhtiyani] used to have a red shawl which he wore in ihram, and which he had kept for his shroud. I used to walk with him sometimes; he would take different paths and I would be amazed at how he knew of them. He would do this fleeing from people in case they recognized him and said, “There’s Ayyub.”

    And it is reported that Shoba said:

    I would sometimes go with Ayyub for some need, but he would not let me walk with him; he would move here and there in case people noticed him.

    Ref: Al-Dhahabī, Siyar A’lām Al-Nubalā` 6:22

    This narration with chain and matan is mentioned in Tarikh Al Baghdad of Hafidh al Mashriq Khateeb Baghdadi H463 vol3 page #341 and it’s matan/content is:

    Abu Sulayman Joozjaani says that he heard Hammad bin Yazeed saying that he decided to go on Hajj so he went to Ayyub to say goodbye to him so Ayyub told him(to Hammad) it is reached to me that a pious servant of Allah and the Faqih of Koofa meaning Abu Hanifa is also going for Hajj this year so when you meet him, give my Salam to him. Ref: Tarikh Baghdad vol3 pg#341

    It’s a connected/MuttaSSil chain and the authentication of the narrators of the chain is:
    1. Khateeb Baghdadi H463 – THIQA1
    2. Qadhee Abu Jafar Muhammad bin Ahmad alSamnaani H444 – THIQA2
    3. Imam Ismail bin Hussain bin Ali Bukhari H402 – Zahid, Faqih Famous.3
    4. Imam Abu Bakr Ahmed bin Sa’ad – Sudooq Faqih Zahid4
    5. Imam Ali bin Moos Qummi H305 – SUDOOQ – Imam Dhahabi and Hakim authenticated him5
    6. Muhammad bin Sa’ad – THIQA FAQIH 6
    7. Abu Sulayman Moosa bin Sulayman Joozjaani – SUDOOQ7
    8. Hammad bin Zaid – Narrator of Sahihayn THIQA Strong 8
    9. Imam Ayyub Sakhtiyaani H133 – Narrator of Sahihayn THIQA Hujjah Strong 9

    Above research proves that this sanad is HASSAN of grade and this also proves how much he loved Imam Abu Hanifa! Subhan Allah
    taken from my website, thanks for reading and remember me in your prayers.

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