Imam Ghazali's meeting in the spirit with Musa on the night of Miraj

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  1. saghe_jilani

    saghe_jilani New Member

    yaa Jilani Shayn Lillah

    beloved brother i heard the same event from Allama Maulana Ghulam Nabi Sarwar Misbahi Azami Naqshbandi sahib.

    He mentioned even the great Awliya-Allah like Hazrat Sayyedina Sultan Bahu Radi Allahu anhuhas mentioned this event in one of his book and he also gave the reference from the book Tafreeh ul Khatir Fi Manaqib Please correct me with the name of the book as i heard it few year's back.

    Ya Illahi le chale jab dafan karnai Qabar me,
    Daulat-e-bedaar Isk-e-Mustafa
    ka Saat ho,
    Ya Illahi le chale jab dafan karne Qabar me
    Ghaus -e - Azam peshwa'e Awliya Ka Saath hoh.
  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    also, there are a few hadith that are deemed authentic among the sufis even though no external evidence - chains of transmission - exist. these hadith are found to be correct by the ahl al-kashf as alaHazrat indicated in one of his fatawa.

    one such famous hadith is: 'man `arafa nafsahu fa qad `arafa rabbah'; ibn taymiyyah called it 'fabricated' and nawawi wrote in his fatawa that it was not established; but still ibn ata'illah [in laTayif al-minan] and others stated it as a hadith.

    as-suyuTi, in his short paper: 'al-qawl al-ashbah fee hadithi 'man `arafa nafsahu fa qad `arafa rabbah' explains its meaning in a beautiful manner.

    wa's salam.
  3. Thanks AH! I think you are right and that the dream of Shaykh al-Shadhili was the source behind this story.
    The YN crew do have something against al-Ghazali ever since that infamous video in which the Imam was disparaged as a "kitabi (bookish) pir" who was a "dushman" of the Ahlul Bayt and who wrote books about tassawuf to hide his enmity! They have had the thread "Imam al-Ghazali´s flawed (sic) exoneration of Yazid" on the front page for nearly a year now.

    About the Miraj and Huzoor Ghawth al Azam :ra: another story I have heard is that after Gabriel said he could not go any further beyond the Sidra or his wings would burn, Huzoor Ghawth al Azam's soul offered his shoulders for Sarkar صلى الله عليه وسلم to step on and continue. This incident is mentioned by Anne Marie Schimmel in her magisterial book And Muhammad Is His Messenger: Praise of the Prophet in Islamic Piety. It is probably apocryphal. Allah knows best.
  4. burningmoon

    burningmoon Guest

    I have heard of some similar incidents though not from scholars.

    One more incident is abt Hazrat SHaykh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani radhiallahu ta'la anhu too offering which i dnt recall properly, but it is said when Hazrat Shaykh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani radhiallahu ta'la anhu was born, the design of the Nalayn Mubarak was on his exalted shoulder.
  5. Miraj Ahmad

    Miraj Ahmad New Member

    I believe this is the relevant quote:

    "Among the worst offenders are those that sit to preach without having paid their learning dues at the feet of the Ulema because they cannot wait for others to sit at their own feet. What matters for them is to appear to quote from authority so as to assume authority and reap its benefits. Unscrupulosity or misconceived piety among the followers of such admonishers has them drink up what they hear unconditionally as spiritual directives (irshâd ) even if it should be baseless, foolish, incoherent, even irreligious. Ignorance has reached the point where one that rightly sues for authenticity is branded as a fastidious ignoramus by the ignoramus who has no idea whether a report is in the S.ah.îh. or in Kalîla wa-Dimna nor cares to check!"
  6. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    it is futile to argue with this person. he will simply resort to falsehood and insist on lies to prove his point. one should not discuss with such folk - whose ignorance is written all over the place, but they confidently rebuke shining stars among the scholars in this ummah.

    where is the entire band of yanaabi compared to the outstanding scholarship of az-Zabidi? i daresay that scholars in the world today [except perhaps imam mahdi, were he born] are no match to the scholarship of az-Zabidi, illa maa shaa Allah. some have said that he is next to only ibn Hajar in the Hadith sciences!

    but only those who have ever been in a grand palace will have an inkling of the awesomeness of the place; those who are content with postcard photographs will put it next to the window sill and will wax eloquent that their window sill is greater than the palace.

    some of his objections are so juvenile and illogical that it would be foolish to even respond to them. all those people praising him on the site are either ignorant themselves or the knowledgeable have forgotten the prophetic advice of 'help your brother whether he is oppressed or the oppressor' and the advice: 'this religion is all about good advice.'

    may Allah guide us all.

    warning: no flame wars please on our forum.
  7. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    this is among the exaggerated praises of awliya and if a person reflects upon it for a moment, will see the baselessness of such a claim.

    the only way to know what happened on the night of mi`yraj is by the information given by MuStafa sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam. is there any hadith - even a weak one that indicates this event? even a fabricated one that is found in the early compendiums? let us assume that imam ghazali was not named; is there a narration that simply speaks of a 'person among his followers'?

    take the Hadith 'if iman were to be found in pleiades, a man from the persians would attain it' which is not specific. most scholars agreed that it was imam abu Hanifah, and some said that it was imam bukhari. but a more generic hadith speaks of 'men from persia'.

    some Hanafis - may Allah forgive us and them - went on to quote Hadith that mentioned imam abu Hanifah's name; scholars refuted it and said: 'imam abu Hanifah's greatness is so obvious, and his qualities so outstanding, that we need not resort to fabrications to demonstrate his greatness'.

    shaykh gibril hit the nail on the head in one of his articles, where he criticized the laxity of sufis/sunnis in quoting anything without proper research. somebody please provide a link.

    it'Haf as-sadah is az-Zabidi's exegesis of iHya; the first part of the book is a biography of imam ghazali. in the fifth section, he includes the praises of elder scholars and what they said about al-ghazali.
    ibn as-subki [tajuddin] says: it has been reported by the gnostic saint, abu'l Hasan ash-Shadhili raDiyallahu `anhu who was the prince of [gnostics in] his age and the tongue of [the community] in his time, saw RasulAllah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam in his dream and he was proud of al-ghazali; he was asking Musa and Isa alayhima as-salam that if they had such a scholar among their followers. they both replied: 'no.'
    this is a true dream and narrated by a gnostic and a reliable scholar. az-Zabidi has mentioned many such praises by other scholars in the same section and next titled: 'karamat of ghazali'.

    if the disputed story was even faintly credible, az-Zabidi would have mentioned it. suffice it to say, that the story is a fantasy and i suppose people have extrapolated the shadhili narration and given it their own spin.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    as for the hadith: 'scholars among my followers are like the prophets of baniy israyil', sakhawi in his maqaSid al-Hasanah, entry 702
    our shaykh [ibn Hajar] said; ad-damiri and az-zarkashi have both said so before him: 'it has no basis.' others have said: 'it cannot be found in any reliable book.'

    it has been mentioned earlier under the entry: 'honor the bearers of the Qur'an' and 'it is nigh that the bearers of the Quran to become prophets; except that they are not given the revelation [waHy].'

    abu nu'aym narrated with a weak chain in 'merits of a chaste scholar' in an elevated report from ibn `abbas: 'the closest to the rank of prophethood amongst people are the people of knowledge and jihad.'

    * maqaSid al-Hasanah fi bayani kathirin mina'l aHadith al-mushtahirah ala'l alsinah :the honorable objective in describing the status of most hadith that are famous and widespread in common usage. written by imam sakhawi, this book examines most hadith and explains the status with brief comments if any of the baseless ones are derived from authentic ones. entries are alphabetical.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  8. nas_000

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    Asalam alaykum dear brother, I am the brother which you are refering to who posted the post about Hazrat Imam Ghazali Rehmatullahi alay, on that site yanabi, due to which I am now ban from the site!

    I am very sorry as I had made some mistakes, as the hadith I mentioned is not the exact hadith which was quoted, as it could be another Hadith about the status of the alims of Huzoor Paak salla allahu alayhi wa alahi wasalam's ummat! Also I mentioned that it was the name of Hazrat Moosa alayhis salam that was asked but instead allah had asked Hazrat Moosa Kaleemullah about what is in his hand not what is his name!

    However them were minor mistakes made by me, but not good enough reasons to degrade and slander Imam Ghazali Rehmatullahi alay, the reason I made that post in such a rush and without getting it checked is because I was worried about an earlier post which was deluding people minds and causing people to think that (maazallah) Imam Ghazali Rehmatullahi alay is a yazeedi and 'exonerates' Yazeed, however we all know he is not!

    Anyways it turned out that the shia influenced members have just seen my attempt of talking a tiny bit about the greatness of Imam Ghazali Rehmatullahi alay into a reason for them to slander him even more!

    Anyways brother Naqshbandi Jamaati I just want to say that dont quote me fully on that event I narrated! However overall without being so picky like the members the moral of the narrated event can be taken into account and is 100% true, however these kind of events are not recorded in many books!

    Jazakallahu khayrun!
  9. :s1:

    I have heard from Sunni scholars that on the night of Miraj, during the conversation between our Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and Musa :as: , our Prophet presented the soul of Imam GHazali :ra: to Musa alayhisalam as an example of a scholar who would be from his Ummah. Imam Ghazali asked Musa alayhisalam some questions and Musa alayhisalam, impressed, touched the back of Imam Ghazali with his staff and confessed that such a scholar was not to be found in his own Ummah (the Israelites). When Imam Ghazali was born it is said he had a mark on his back where Musa alayhisalam had touched him with his rod.

    Can anyone provide references for this? I believe it because I have heard it from Sunni ulama a long time ago--I cannot recall the names now as it was when I was a teen.

    Sadly some people on have used this story--which was posted by a brother on there--to ridicule al-Ghazali and call his admirers his 'minions'. The moderator Tahir seems especially incensed that someone praises Imam GHazali.

    He also claims that the hadith, 'The scholars of my Ummah are like the Prophets of Bani Israel' is fabricated and, in an earlier thread, I also read on the site that the hadith, 'My companions are like the stars' is also fabricated allegedly!

    The pro-Shia, tafzili, views of these people is more and more apparent every passing hour. And the real reason they cannot stand Imam Ghazali?
    His so-called 'exoneration' of Yazid.

    I wish they just rename their site instead of ruining the aqidah of so many innocent Sunnis.

    Imam Abu'l Hasan al-Shadhili once saw Sayyidina Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم in a dream pointing to Ghazali and asking Moses and Jesus whether they had seen such a hibr (most knowledgeable scholar) in their ummah (Muslim community). They responded "No".
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