Imam Hussain and Nelson Mandela

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  1. chisti-raza

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    i meant tuan matarah is the first political prisoner in south african history to be exiled to robben island.
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  3. chisti-raza

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    it is well-known in south africa that mandela used to spend time in the shrine of shaykh sayyid abduraghman motura (tuan matarah) alaihi rahmah which is situated in robben island. tuan matarah is the first political prisoner in south african history. should you visit robben island you would notice that this is the first symbol of the struggle and of freedom that you would see as the island approaches.

    This is the link to the urdu translation of Long Walk to Freedom by Mandela. This translation is by Mohsin Farani.

    Mandela has another book too entitled, Conversations with Myself, which was only released recently so my hunch is that it is Long Walk which Shah Sahib is referring to.

    I agree if that scene is in there we should publicise it.
  5. wa alaykum salam

    Shah Sahib says it is an urdu translation of his (auto?) biography by one Mumtaz
    Tahir. The only thing I can think of is that this is the urdu translation of Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom (which I have not read so cannot check if the reference is from that book). OTOH, there must be lots of bios of Mandela written so it could be from any one of them.
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    As-salamu 'alaykum

    In this speech (minute 6:00) Hadrat 'Allamah Irfan Shah sahib (hafizahullah) mentions a dream of Nelson Mandela. Can anyone provide me the name of the book and if possible an link to it online? This kind of information should be spread and made public knowledge.

    Allah Hafiz

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