Imam Shahid Ali is a Sulla Kulli

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Surati, Jan 9, 2022.

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  1. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    Such is the narrow mindedness and extremism of some Sunnis that they will ostracise anyone who sees things from a slightly different perspective, even if their beliefs are perfectly sound and they have always stood against things like sulh kullism.

    It is religious fanaticism to sever ties with fellow Sunnis just because they don't deal with matters the exactly the way you do.

    Have those extremist not learnt adab al-ikhtilaf? Differing with someone doesn’t mean hounding them, and resorting to verbal abuse them and threats. These are toxic patterns with a good dose of underlying personality (read mental) problems.

    Imam Shahid Ali thinks this is Cobra Kai Karate “Strike first, strike hard, no mercy”, and not one person is spared from his Su al Dhann should they not entirely agree with him or differ with his methods.

    His extremism is the result of either extreme naivety (I say this because it’s impossible to believe that there aren’t people in the background using him for their own personal agenda) or simply a failure to properly identify and separate issues in order of severity.

    A Sunni openly promoting kufr is far more severe than him differing with you in how to address a certain problem.

    The irony is, when people point out Shahid Ali’s inconsistencies, the kickback is immediate and what we call ‘victim mentality’ becomes his main line of defense. People are labelled as thugs, bullies, cult followers, or simply fitna.

    Well, like they say, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

    To Imam Shahid Ali I say:
    There is more than one way of dealing with matters. Calm down and learn how to critique without insulting and burning bridges. You might be right, but there’s a way to do and say things. Keep going on the same track and it will be at the expense of all your relationships. Be fair. Not everything requires you to spit out your dummy.
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  2. Khanah

    Khanah Well-Known Member

    I believe, in one of the numerous videos imam shahid has made, he did mention that he later spoke to mufti aslam who wasn't aware of zaynul aqtabs beliefs etc.


    1. Imam shahid didn't refute him at the gathering itself and tbf, didn't refute him in the video either or explain why zayn is deviant
    2. Mufti aslam needs to make public repentance as per imam shahid's stance on shaykh asrar.

    The whole JTI mess is pure hypocrisy though. How can imam shahid take wages from a sulh kuli group like that? Surely it's his duty to speak against them. I'm sure if shaykh asrar ever took wages from a deobandi supporting organisation, another 10 videos would be made.

    I'm sure imam shahid will continue to ignore us and our concerns. I'm sure he will not bother to join the forum and answer these points openly and clearly.
  3. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    I agree @shahnawazgm that it is all politics. The maslak is just used to settle scores because otherwise when issues arise, they are not such that a sincere sit down in a mutually appreciative manner can't resolve. There is nothing wrong with admitting ones mistakes and nor is it to overlook things that you may disagree with, if they are not for public consumption. It's time for the Sunni public to impress this on our ulema and not be pawns in their politics
  4. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Wow, I wasn't aware that until just over a year ago (when that PAQ video was uploaded) Mufti Aslam sahib was accepting this rafzi PAQ when his beliefs were well known through the subcontinent Muslims! Based on this info mawlana Shahid Ali needs to be fair and upload a similar video refuting his teacher Mufti Aslam Sahib as well as Qari Shafi!

    It's all politics, what a shame to see the Ahle Sunnat in this state! It's about time some of these ulema own up to their mistakes.
  5. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    I have long abstained from making this post, but since Imam Shahid Ali has no mercy and insists on public lynching and cries for consistency, let us apply the same principles that he uses against everyone else to him for consistency's sake.

    Mufti Aslam invited Zayn ul Aktab to the recent graduation ceremony. He was aware of the heretic belief of Zayn that Allah ta'ala is everywhere with his dhāt. Imam Shahid Ali was present as well as Shaykh Asrar Rashid. Shaykh Asrar spoke against the kufri belief at the event, while Imam Shahid remained silent.
    1. Why did Imam Shahid Ali attend a gathering and share a stage with Zayn ul Aktab? He knows Zayn ul Aktab is a deviant.
    2. Why didn't Imam Shahid Ali refute him there and then or in a video at a later stage?
    3. Why did Mufti Aslam still invite Zayn ul Aktab despite knowing he is a deviant? Shouldn't this require a refutation video too?

    Since Imam Shahid Ali continues to remain silent on the Zayn ul Aktab issue (whilst being pompous and pontifical about everyone else), can we conclude that Imam Shahid Ali from Bradford is a Sulla Kulli for sharing a stage with a deviant and not refuting him?

    Is it not imperative that Imam Shahid Ali publicly clarifies his stance about Zayn ul Aktab to ensure consistency in his words and actions? Sunnis are also impatiently awaiting a video refutation against Mufti Aslam for inviting Zayn ul Aktab as he would also be deemed a Sulla Kulli (according to Imam Shahid's own principles).

    Shahid Ali is employed by JTI. JTI also employs Irfan Shah who has been declared unreliable by the fatwa of Bareilly. Mufti Aslam said whoever doesn't sign the fatwa, it applies to them too. Therefore, we can infer that it applies to JTI and Pir Mahroof who still support Irfan Shah because they support rifd.

    Is Imam Shahid Ali a Sulla kulli for silently and indirectly supporting Irfan Shah Mashhadi via JTI?

    Is Imam Shahid choosing to stay silent on the issue because his wage is paid by Sulla Kullis and promoters of rifd? Is Shahid Ali's income halal as it comes from JTI who promote rifd?

    The Sunni public want to know Imam Shahid's view on Pir Mahroof and JTI. Imam Shahid Ali must clarify this publicly on a video.

    Why did Mufti Aslam silently accept this deviant on stage. Mufti Aslam is sat there while this shiah says Come I'll debate anyone? Qari Shafi, the one who invited him, is Mufti Aslam's brother. Mufti Aslam still invites his brother to his own madrasah. Imam Shahid Ali also presumably meets Qari Shafi.

    Are Mufti Aslam and Shahid Ali Sulla kulli for inviting and meeting Qari Shafi?
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