Imam Shoba Praised Abu Hanifa In Hadith Jarh Wa Tadeel

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    Salam! In this beneficial post we shall prove to you that what the great scholar Imam Shoba bin al Hajjaj H160 said regarding greatest of the four imams, Imam Abu Hanifa radiallahu anhu.

    I am sure these types of on this website will be helpful for the advance students of the science of Hadith!

    Back to the main point, this is what Imam Shoba said for Abu Hanifa!

    Thiqa, Hafidh Shababa bin Sawaar H2061 narrates that “Imam Shoba had a good opinion of Abu Hanifa”.

    This narration is mentioned in many books with an authentic chain i.e:
    1. Thiqa, Hafidh Imam Hassan bin Ali al Halwaani H242 narrates the above mentioned statement of Imam Shoba from Hafidh Shababa bin Sawaar. Ref: Jami Bayan al Ilm of ibn abdul barr. Vol2 pg1082

    Keep in mind that Imam ibn abdul barr has mentioned the book of Imam Halwaani and that is Kitab al M’arifa” Ref: Jami Bayan al Ilm of ibn abdul barr. Vol1 pg338

    Objection #1
    Raees Ahmad Nadvi a British Salafi kharji said and we will answer them one by one.
    1. Imam Ahmad said that he used to invite people towards Murjia/Bidda
    2. Imam abu Hatim said we do not take proof from him.
    3. Imam Ahmad called him KHABEES. lol

    Answer To Above Objections!
    Hafidh Shababa bin Sawaar is a narrator of SAHIHAYN" and he is Thiqa, Hafidh." and the majority has called him THIQA. and the disagreement on him is just because of him being a Murjai thats all. The Jarrah is not accepted here.

    Another uneducated objection from Nadvi is:
    He claims that “having a good opinion is not a word for TAWTHEEQ/Commendation” Ref: Salafi Tehqeeqi Jaiza pg119

    Our answer is:
    this is what a sane person would expect from a rabid najdi 000000000000000how is this not a commendation? if you insist, okay then what is this actually? we will prove wait! There are many proofs that can prove that Good opinion is used for Tawtheeq but lets see this one example.

    Ibn Hajar Asqalani r.a writes that Imam Yahya ibn Ma’een had a good opinion of Muhammad bin Humayd alRazi4. case closed, isnt it?

    NOTE: Shababa bin Sawaar is a student of Imam Shoba.

    Ibn Abdul Barr then mentions a second chain! and the chain of the narrators goes as:
    1. Ibn Abdul Barr – THIQA
    2. His SHaikh Abu Yaqoob Yusuf bin Ahmed – SUDOOQ THIQA
    3. Abu Marwan abd al malik bin Bahr – THIQA MUKTHIR – Kitab As Thiqaat lil qasim
    In his Mutabe theres also abul abbas muhammad bin al hassan, we couldnt find his bio.
    4. Muhammad bin Ismail Al SSa’igh narrator of Dawood SUDOOQ Taqreeb #5731
    5. Hafidh Shababa bin Sawaar THIQA narrator of sahihayn Taqreeb 2733
    6. Imam Shoba – Ameer ul mominen fil Hadith

    3rd Narration!
    Hafidh Ibn ‘Adi mentions the 3rd chain as follows: Ref: Al kamil lil ibn ‘adi vol8 pg2411. Hafidh ibn ‘Adi – no bio needed
    2. His teacher Hafidh Ibn Hammad abul Bashr alDolaabi H310 – Thiqa near majority and in his mutabe there’s abu bakr muhammad bin jafar who is also thiqa thiqaat lil qasim vol8 pg220
    3. Hafidh Imam Yaqoob bin Shayba H268 Thiqa Imam – Ref Seer Alam vol12 pg476
    4. Imam Hassan bin ali alHalwani
    5. Hafidh Shababa bin Sawaar
    6. Imam Shoba
    this chain is authentic

    Ibn Shaheen writes in Nasikh al Hadith wal Mansookha Pg474 that:
    Imam Shoba has narrated from Imam abu Hanifa.

    Chief Biddati, the CEO of Shirk-Biddat company Al-albaani writes for a narrator that:
    ibn maeen’s narrating from him is his Tawtheew/praise from him(ibn maeen). Ref Irwah al Ghalil vol1 pg280

    Another narration that proves Imam Yahya ibn Ma’eem himself narrated from Abu Hanifa and the narration is that Abdullah ibn Ahmed al Doorqi narrated that yahya ibn ma’een said regarding abu hanifa:
    that he is Thiqa and I have heard that no one weakened him5 and this same Shoba writes him letter and asks him to narrate ahadith and you know shoba is shoba(means you know his high status) Ref: Al inteqa lil ibn abdul barr pg127 chain is SAHIH

    In another narration Imam Shoba showed his true love for the beloved Imam Abu Hanifa where he said:
    Hafidh Abul SSamad bin Abdul Warith says that we were in the company of Imam Shoba and someone told him Abu Hanifa has passed away so Imam Shoba replied indeed the Fiqh of Kufa has also passed away with him! may Allah have mercy on him and on us! Ref: Al Inteqa lil ibn abdul barr pg126 chain HASSAN

    Chain of narration:
    1. ibn abdul barr – THIQA
    2. Abu Yaqoob yusuf bin Ahmed – THIQA
    3. Ishaq bin Muhammad – THIQA Ref: Kitab al thiqaat lil qasim v2 pg336
    4. Hafidh Sulaiman bin Yusuf narrator of Nasai Thiqa Hafidh Taqreeb #2571
    5. Hafidh Abdul SSamad ibn abdul Warith narrator of sahihayn Sudooq, Hujjat and preserved when narrating from Shoba Tareeb #4080
    6. Imam Shoba – thiqa

    It’s Authentic! now we shall try to answer some allegations from Najdis.
    Raees Salafi writes that Yahya ibn Ma’een used to say “MAL’OON” to Abu hanifa Ref: al D’ofa lil Aqeeli Ref: salafi tahqeeq Jaiza pg119, Our answer is below.

    So the self claimed Ahle Hadith, these kharjis, when they ask from us, a sahih chain is a must but when it comes to their own selves?!?!?!?! what happens them? This narration lol

    Chain of Cursing of Abu Hanifa narration:
    This chain is weak because the narrator Mansoor bin Salamah is narrating from Imam hammad bin salama. problem is, he became weak before passing away his memory became weak and ahle hadith kharji sect also accepts this see ref Ahadith Hidaya Fanni O Tehqeeqi Hesiyat pg99 you can also check Taqreeb #1499 Al Kashif #1220. And the reason we can’t trust mansoor in this narration because no Imam ever clarified that he heard this from Hammad before his memory became weak. this narration is not only weak, it’s also against the CLEAR Tawtheeq from yahya!

    Research is completed. Wassalam.
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