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    Hello and welcome back to another article on the commendation of our beloved Imam Abu Hanifa Noman bin Thabit radiallahu anhu. In this post we shall prove that the great of 'Ilal Yahya ibn Ma'een considered Imam Abu Hanifa as a THIQA narrator in Hadith. We have already written a few posts on his commendation you can also read them by opening Abu Hanifa category from the sidebar => right side. Just like always, we shall not go against any rules of the knowledge of Jarh wa T'adeel. In this post, we shall also expose the ugly lies of the pseudo muhaddith of Pakistan, namely, Zubair Zai Biddati.

    The thing is, the name of Abu Hanifa is of such a high caliber that merely "saying" it kills the wahhabis/salafis/kharjis/ahle hadees from inside. When they saw and realized that the great imam of 'Ilal yahya ibn maeen authenticated Abu Hanifa, they got so angry that they opted to ugly lies. Because if they were to accept the direct commendation of Ibn Ma'een, their all shops and lies would just explode. They even wrote "books" to prove that Yahya ibn maeen never authenticated abu hanifa but we shall prove it! in shaa allah!

    Imam Sibt Ibn Jawzi Al Hanafi r.a narrates in his book:
    After narrating the chain, he says that " Abu Zakariyaa Yahya ibn Ma'een said:
    MANY/KATHEER muhadditheen have narrated from Imam Abu Hanifa and he is THIQA there's no harm in him. Ref: Al Intesar wal Tarjeeh Pg6 Chain SAHIH


    Authentication of the CHAIN:

    1. Sibt Ibn Jawzi
    Imam Dhahabi says: He is Al Shaikh, Al Aalim, Al Muttaqin, Al Baleegh, Al Moarriq, Al Akhbari, Wa'iz al sham Ref: Seer alam al nubala vol16 pg449
    at second place in Tarikh Islam vol48 pg183 he says regarding him: Al IMAM al Waiz Shamsuddin!

    Imam Safdi says: He was IMAM, Wa'iz one of his kind, Faqih and Allama fil Tarikh. Ref: Al Waafi bil Wafyaat vol29 pg121.

    Imam Ibn Tagri writes: AL IMAM Morid al taafa vol1 pg136

    Imam Badruddin Ayni writes: He was a handsome man with beautiful voice and had written a lot of books and was a man of virtues. Ref: Uqad al jumaan vol1 pg30

    Imam Abdul Qadir al Qarshi writes: his name is Yusuf bin Qadh'ali bin Abdullah his kunya is Abul Mazar, he heard ahadith in Mossul and Damashq and narrated ahadith in Damashq and Misr and he was very famous. Ref: Al Jawahir al Madiya vol2 pg231

    Great imam Ibn Qutlubugha writes: He wrote many beneficial books and one of them is Mir'at al Zamaan Ref: Taj al tarajim vol1 pg321

    Ibn Hammad alHanbali writes: Al Allama, Wa'iz. Ref: Shadhraat al Dhahb vol7 pg460 he also called him Muhaddith Hafidh Faqih Mufassir Wa'iz Morriq in his another book M'ojam al Moallifeen.

    WAIT, But there's Jarah on him! what of it?
    We shall answer it and clear all the doubt regarding him! what Imam Dhahabi wrote about him in his famous Meezan al Aitdal may look very problematic but those who read books and understand this knowledge know there's more to it!

    Imam Dhahabi writes in Meezan Ul Aitedal vol3 pg 471:
    He(sibt ibn jawzi) wrote a book named Mirat ul Zamaan you will see in this book that he has mentioned many Munkar stories, I(Dhabai) think that on what he writes, he is not STRONG/THIQA in it rather he narrates FALSE and baseless narrations and he later became a RAFIDI as well. - Sounds scary but lol no.

    1st of All!
    For uneducated insects(Salafis) of Pakistan and India this shouldnt even bother them because Imam Dhahabi clearly based his Jarra on Sibt ibn jawzi because of his Munkar narrations! but a huge group of Najdis/Salafis follow a British dog named Kifayatullah Salafi, and this guy says " Narrating munkar narrations doesnt mean that narrator itself is weak" Ref Masnoon Rakat Taraweeh pg23. BUT! We have more to say, chill salafis!

    Secondly and most importantly!
    Imam Dhahabi RETRACTED from his Jarrah! and the proof is his saying in his famous Seer Alam al Nubala where he called him Al Shaikh, Al Aalim, Al Muttaqin, Al Baleegh, Al Moarriq, Al Akhbari, Wa'iz al sham Ref: Seer alam al nubala vol16 pg449 and Seer alam al nubala is written after Meezan. which clearly proves that Imam Dhahabi had retracted and commended him!

    Majority has authenticated him and according to their papa zubair zai, he follows majority so Imam Dhahabi doesnt matter. Maqalat Zubair Zai vol6 pg143 - Imam Dhahabi himself has copied many writings from his book Mir'at al Zamaan and has taken his opinion on many narrators vol12 pg682 etc

    Was Sibt ibn Jawzi a RAFIDI SHIA?
    Imam Dhahabi narrates his Meezan al Aitedal vol4 pg471: Shaikh Muhuddeen Soosi says that when the news of Sibt's passin away reached to my grand father he said may Allah have mercy on him he was a Shia Rafidi.

    First of all who is this Soosi guy anyway? where's his Tarjuma? and his grandfather? he is MAJHOOL UL AYN. who is he? only Allah knows. this is a baseless narration and we are not supposed to rely on this and say Sibt was a Rafidi!!! just merely reading and studing Sibt ibn jawzi's work Al Eethar wal Insaf absolutely proves that he was a PROPER SUNNI. In light of proves and Usool it can never be proven that he was a Rafidi.

    2. Narrator Abu Tahir Ahmed Bin Muhammad Hamdiya al Akbari THIQA
    Imam Sibt ibn jawzi himself says he is Salih and Thiqa in Al intesaar pg6

    3. Abul Karam bin al Mubarak: THIQA
    Imam Dhahabi says he is Al Imam al Maqri Shaikh ul Qurra Ref: Seer alam vol15 pg95

    4. Abul Hussain Muhammad bin Ali: THIQA
    Imam Dhahabi says Al Imam al Aalim al Khateeb Al Muhaddith al Hujjah. case closed.

    5. Imam Abul Fatah bin Abil Fawaris: THIQA
    Imam Dhahabi says Al Imam Al Hafidh Al Muhaqqiq al Rihaal. Ref: Seer Alam vol13 pg30
    Ibn Qutlubugha says he was THIQA Ref: Al Thiqaat vol8 pg153

    6. Abu bakr Muhammad bin Humaydi: THIQA
    Tarikh Baghdad v3 pg68

    7. Ali bin Al Hussain Hibban bin 'Ammar: THIQA
    Khateeb says he is THIQA Tarikh Baghdad vol13 pg333

    8. Al Hussain Bin Hibban: SUDOOQ
    Was from the giants of knowledge and he narrated a very beneficial book from Ibn Ma'een. Ref:Tarikh Baghdad vol8 pg564

    9. Imam Yahya ibn Ma'een.

    It proves beyond any doubt that this Narration 100% Authentic!

    Khateeb H463 writes that Jafar bin Muhammad said: I heard from Ibn Ma'een and I asked him regarding Abu Yusuf and Imam Abu Hanifa and he said Abu Yusuf is more AWTHAQ/STRONGER than Abu Hanifa, so I asked, does abu hanifa lie? so he said NO. he was not a liar. Ref: Tarikh Baghdad vol13 pg421

    NOTE: This narration does not mean in anyway that if Abu yusuf is more thiqa then abu hanifa is not even thiqa this is a specific TADEEL. Abu Hanifa is also thiqa according to Imam Yahya.

    Chain of the narrators is:
    1. Khateeb Baghdadi - THIQA
    2. Shaikh Kateeb Abdullah bin Umar - Khateeb says hes THIQA Tarikh vol10 pg384
    3. Ibn Shaheen - Famous THIQA Tarikh Islam vol8 pg580
    4. Muhammad bin Yunus - Khateeb says he is THIQA Tarikh vol4 pg216
    5. Jafar bin Muhammad bin abi uthman - Thiqa Thabt Tarikh vol7 pg197

    Btw, Yahya ibn ma'een used to prefer the opinion of Abu hanifa over the opinion of Shaf'ii.
    Ref: Suwalat al Junaid vol1 pg295

    written originally on my site

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