Infographic Release : Timeline of the Sunni Deobandi Conflict

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    Another leading scholar said:

    'Superb poster by aH on Deo conflict. This will benefit those who cannot be bothered to read yet talk on this issue.'
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    Two ulama have given me feedback. One said:

    'Great work, my gratitude to Abu Hasan for doing this.'

    The other said:


    Two non ulama gave me feedback. One said:


    The other said:

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    This is a condensed timeline of the conflict between Sunnis and Deobandis in the subcontinent. It is often falsely claimed that Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan is responsible for such a rift; whereas, these issues were present long before Alahazrat and sunni scholars refuted the grand-daddy of Wahabism in India, who is responsible for these ugly beliefs championed by Deobandis, such as Allah ta’ala being capable of lying and the overall culture of disrespect towards prophets and awliya’a Allah – except THEIR own ilk, whom they praise to the skies.

    Deobandis claim that Allah ta’ala can lie and can be flawed – ta’ala Allahu `uluwwan kabeera.

    jahan mein koyi bhi kafir ke kafir aysa ho
    jo apne rab pe safahat ka daagh le ke chale.

    This short timeline gives a glimpse of how events unfolded long before Husam al-Haramayn and the various books written by Deobandis and their refutations by Sunni ulama. Notice that the group that dissented from Ahl al-Sunnah was the Deobandi group, who are actually a watered down version of Wahabis, but present themselves as Sunnis to scholars outside the subcontinent and slander Alahazrat without any compunction.

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