Irfan Shah Mash'hadi in the Tafzili/Rafizi camp

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Sunni Jaag, Mar 6, 2021.

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  1. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    I am not familiar with how things stand on the ground - but generally speaking, these are great times for students of the darker shades of human behavior, lots of opportunities for empirical studies from which to draw your conclusions and compare notes with past researchers - or even the great encyclopedists of human nature such as Imam Ghazzali.

    Aren't there any social anthropologists at the University of Birmingham interested in these turf wars?
  2. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Firstly Miya Mahroof isn't a Sayyid, this is well known and his family members from Nottingham will confirm this.

    Secondly Miya Mahroof and the JTI lot will never get Mufti Aslam Bandyalvi sahib to come over because the reality is they can't stand him because he speaks the Haq and these guys can't digest that!

    Majority of the Ulama and a fair bit of the public know he's a Miyana and not a Sayyid. Why do the scholars not pull him up on it.... Perhaps because some of them got UK visas through him like Iran shah and others, others will be employed by him at various Masjids run by JTI and some will have other financial and personal motivations to not speak up.
  3. Waqar786

    Waqar786 Veteran

    Syed Maruf are respected by both sides, so should be working towards getting Shah Sahib and Mufti Aslam over at their place for a discussion or debate.

    Was disappointed to see an image of them hosting Shah Sahib. Nabeel was boasting that 'some Mufti sahib' was unsuccessful, which is disrespect to Mufti Sahib and yet has the audacity to post about 'adab'
  4. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Amongst the unreliable wasters like Nabeelam Irfani of Coventry!
  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    So despite a group of ulama going to meet JTI on Saturday, the very next day they hosted Irfan Shah. Where does this leave JTI?
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  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

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  7. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    That's the main issue of many Sayyeds of today unfortunately. They seem to believe that they have a direct ticket to jannat. PAQ had even mentioned in one of his speeches that if the Sahabiyah who drank the Prophet's urine could not be burned by the fire of hell then how can one in whose veins flows the blood of Rasoolullah (SAWS) be burned!

    They have no fear of jahannam at all.
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  8. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Looks like this month he's planning to milk the Mawlid gatherings for as many British Pounds as he can get then line up idiots willing to pay to be lead by him on the Baghdad tour next month where he'll probably be picking up his paycheck in US Dollars from his shiah pals. IMG-20211009-WA0002.jpg
  9. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    The classic lie again, implying that anyone who claims to be Sayyid of today is included in ayat-e-tatheer. Same hypocrisy of haneef mardood, actually he's saying he refuses to accept Ala Hazrat's fatwa in full. He's lost his mind and should be just boycotted.
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  10. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Irfan Shah will never debate on these matters, he knows he's going to get intellectually roasted like the chicken he is.
  11. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Irfan Shah on which barelwis he accepts and which he doesn't... This mans ego and hypocrisy is limitless it seems, guy thinks he's got a free first class seat to Jannah so he can do what he likes and nobody is permitted to criticize or correct him.
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  12. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    He's scurried back to the UK and is ready to milk Sunnis for cash during Rabi ul Awal.

    Pir Mahroof and his sahibzadas need to kick him out of their Masjid because enough is enough, otherwise many sunnis will be against him and them on Sunday during their Juloos in Bradford if he's allowed to remain and speak at the Juloos. If pir Mahroof and his sahibzadas don't act then people need to ask why are these guys even running these Masjid which are funded by Sunni money, the Masjids should be made independent and these guys can go fend for themselves without being bankrolled by the Sunni public.
  13. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    This fatwa of Ala Hazrat must be framed and stuck in every aastana of every peer.

    It must be read in every Urs and every gathering.

    It must be read in at least one Friday khutbah every month.

    The awam must know it like they know their names

    So that these rawafid stop it with their blackmail of Sunnis

  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    On saying sahabah caused disunity in the ummah, ahl al-bayt higher than Quran(?) and debate challenge.

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  15. Sunni Jaag

    Sunni Jaag Active Member

    Dr Asif Jalali Sahib ready to debate Irfan Shah. No doubt Irfan Shah will try to find excuses.
  16. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Ye SAB khane pine aur pese Ka chakkar he, in logo ko sachaai se Kia gharz.....
  17. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Seems the people just came for the free Langar as most were uninterested with any of the talks.

    And Chaman Zamaan continues with his lies about the mass public turnout to the event. Wonder why their cameras never show the audience!
  18. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Doesn't seem like much of a turnout, audience and even some of the molvis on stage seem to be catching 40 winks
  19. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Seems like Irfani tolla are unwilling to enter into face to face dialogue or debate of any sort.
  20. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    Shame they've got Hamza Ashrafi on stage, he's one of Iran Shahs cheerleaders. Poor boy doesn't know if he's coming or going.

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