Is smoking marijuana (pot/weed/dope etc.) haram?

Discussion in 'Hanafi Fiqh' started by abu nibras, Jan 7, 2005.

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    wa iyyakum !
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    says Imam RiDâ :ra: in his Fatawa : [ ahkâm-e-shari`at pg 166]

    [comments are mine]

    masala : what do the scholars of the deen say regarding substances that cause intoxication other than alcohol viz. bhang, afeemn , charas, toddy etc. Is it also Haraam if the substance is used in a quantity to an extent that it does not cause the user to become intoxicated.

    jawâb : Getting intoxicanted is in itself haram [i.e. not limited to alcohol] - consuming intoxicants in a way that imitates the heedless users of intoxicants [the alkies and the smokers] even if it does not reach the stage of causing intoxication is a sin, to an extent that the `ulema have made it clear that even drinking plain unadultrated water in a manner imitating the drinking of alcohol is Haraam.

    If it is for medicinal purposes then it is allowed given that the quantity is so small that it does not affect the individual's ability to judge [`aql] - however it should be avoided when possible [alternatives being available] - particularly in the case of afeemn as it become a habit as it works in a way that you have to gradually increase the dosage to gain benifit and keep away the harm.

    [ the answer is slightly condensed in that the details of the problems caused by afeemn were not translated ]


    --abu nibrâs
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    first of all let me say that I have never and do never intend to smoke this herb (which goes by numerous names around the world such as charas and bhang in the subcontinent) but i am interested in if it is haram/makruh or mubah or what ever else the fuqaha think.

    certainly, medical evidence suggests, it is less harmful than cigarettes and cigarettes are only makruh according to the classical hanafi scholars.

    also it has been smoked in islamic countries for hundreds of years if not thousands and even before islam. so what is the ruling on it?

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