Is this hadith about Koranic verses authentic?

Discussion in 'Ulum al-Qur'an' started by Ubaid, Oct 14, 2008.

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    ayat of rajm being eaten by an animal is also in musnad of imam Ahmed. however, one particular instance does not mean that it was lost forever, no, we have the abrogated ayah of rajm in other hadith books and tafasir. there were others amongst sahaba who had saved it. ironically, all shia commentators such as tabrasi and tusi quote it and report the ayat e rajm in their tafasir. it was abrogated in recitation but remains in hukm.
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    Thanks for the link but the Shaykh doesn't address the hadith in question.
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  4. Narrated by Hazrat Â’ishah that ayat-e-Rajm and ayat Raza’at were revealed, they were written on something. I kept them under the cart, meanwhile the holy prophet died and we became busy and one GOAT came and ATE those ayyat” (Ibn-e-Maja).

    ..or is it a Shia fabrication? An atheist posted it on another forum...

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