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    A recent paper in the BMJ: The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine

    This doctor comments on the article and confirms its conclusions

    Also check the responses to the piece in the same journal.
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    so the "great" US is slowly coming round to "third-world remedies" - after 1000s of probably preventable deaths. they took their time.

    afterall, for the top dogs, it's but a small leap from "millions or Iraqi children" to "millions of American citizens" - both are "worth it". So long as the wolfish 1% are safe.
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    as pathetic as propaganda can get. this 7 min video is a great watch for the younger folks who think that the cold war era government owned propaganda doesn't happen any more

    notice how the know-it-all news anchor pushing the 'official' government line says the words 'no credibility' for the trained doctors who DO endorse ivermectin.

    apparently, you're credible only if you peddle the official government line.
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    ... if you're into statistical analysis. (i just mention the paper. make no claims in any direction)
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    this is seriously psychotic and stinks of censorship of some strong facts in the free, democratic world!

    i know for a fact ivermectin is prescribed by doctors at least in india and egypt
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    just to be clear - this last qualifier is important.

    he didn't take just Ivermectin - indeed, he was prescribed the, by then defacto, first line of treatment for people showing initial-stage covid-like symptoms - those whose O2 hadn't dipped below 90.

    This included:
    1. Hydroxychloroquine (another proscribed drug)
    2. Antibiotics (Doxycycline or Azithromycin)
    3. Dolo (if you had fever)
    4. Vitamin C/B
    5. Zinc
    6. Common antacids like Pantoprazole
    With slight variations - this prescription was doing the rounds on whatsapp like some grandma's recipe for pickling Mangoes.

    This was Shawwal 2020 - and Covid had hit us out of the blue. All Ramadan people were complacent - some even claiming that Muslims were immune to this disease. So it caught us unawares.

    People were reluctant to go to the doctors for fear of contracting the "real" thing and also lest they be whisked away to some dirty quarantine facility.

    Note that many of us in India are used to Hydroxychloroquine based treatments since childhood (Malaria being quite prevalent) - and so while Western media was flashing news of poisoning from overdoses, it was saving lives here.

    Which brings us back to Ivermectin.

    It was only one of the ingredients in the pickle and not everyone was taking it.

    Apparently, it was common knowledge even before the pandemic that IVM has some anti-viral benefits.

    So it was already being used as an off-label drug - and I guess that in those early days, with no clear guidelines, people were trying everything that looked reasonably promising.

    There was a report of someone dying after being administered a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin.

    I am not qualified to state whether or not IVM will suit a western population.

    There are lot of factors to take into account and the covid saga is full of surprises.

    So please don't go for self-medication.

    Even if someone wishes to try IVM, they must first consult a qualified physician (who is willing to prescribe it).

    Allah knows best
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    almost the same thing the doctor in the video says.

    in addition, conspiracy theorists are insisting that the vaccination program is a global control procedure to monitor the movements of the masses. for instance, regardless of what you think of vaccination, now it's a basic requirement to fly internationally or even locally. i keep coming back to the fact that that was always there with electronic passports and mobile phones, and social media. in the west, your credit card can pretty much spell out your entire "kundali"

    so how exactly does the vaccination and registering on the covid specific government apps add value to the designs of the global hegemonic powers - politics wise?

    economics wise - yes there could be deeper darker games being played and you and i could be unaware of them. since the pandemic started the lower and middle classes lost roughly 4 trillion dollars; and the world's richest elites gained just that much! (or so i've heard) but then, in such a case, the vaccine would pretty much just have to be a redundant, ineffective pharmaceutical cover for a larger economic game! might as well make it out of pure H2O, and get on with the vicious economic project!

    something is not letting the conspiracy theory add up.

    and yet, something is not letting the official narrative add up as well.

    and where/how does the indian vaccine/drug industry fit into all this?

    if commoners like us know about it as do the doctors in @Unbeknown area, wouldn't the doctors in delhi and UP also know about it? or was it mass prescribed there too during the now evading second wave?

    is that true for the vaccine too - no widely reported side effects? but then we're only into the 2nd year of the pandemic. what if vaccines have some nasty side effects 10 yrs after getting jabbed?
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    Unfortunately this drug is not available over the counter in the UK in spite of it being "safer than paracetamol". If it would people could have tried it out.
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    certainly something to chew on:


    especially because physicians in my locality have *definitely* prescribed it with no widely-reported side effects.

    My dad took it around the 3rd day of experiencing symptoms. The family physician prescribed it without waiting for a covid-positive confirmation. And yes, alongside zinc.

    He recovered within a week, except for lingering weakness that lasted about a month or so.

    I am not generalising it - just saying, it worked for us. Or, to be more precise, didn't harm him.
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