Juloos organised by Jama'at Ahl al Sunnah and Milaad Programme

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    mashaAllah brilliant.
  2. Hundreds march for prophet's birthday

    Hundreds march for prophet's birthday

    0 Comments | Nottingham Evening Post, Feb 14, 2011

    Mohammed Maqsood, founder member of the Islamic Centre, said: "I have lived in Nottingham since 1961 and seen many processions taking place. But this year it has been gathered by all the mosques. Every Muslim community has taken part, so it is a unique year. What we are trying to tell is that the prophet was a unique person in the world and he was not only for Muslims but for every single creature."

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    Juloos organised by Jama'at Ahl al Sunnah Nottingham

    10:30 am
    Route of the March Juloos
    From the Forest Park Ground Forest Fields area, Mansfield Road, Huntington Street, Edward Street then Curzon Street ICN Islamic Centre Nottingham.

    Islamic Centre Nottingham presents

    Rembrance of the Prophet’s Birth sall Allahu a'laihi wa Aalihi wasallam

    Milaad al Nabi Sall Allahu a'laihi wa Aalihi wasallam

    Khateeb al ‘Asr Shaykh Hafiz Farooq al Chishti al Qadri Sahib Urdu(Birmingham)
    Ustaad al ‘Ulama Shaykh Mufti Ashfaq Ahmad al Ridwi Urdu
    Mawlana Qasim Qadri Ridwi English

    Na’at khawaan Janaab Muhammad Sabir Sardaar Sahib (Pakistan)
    Under the supervision of al Haaj Khalifah ‘Ismat ‘Ali al Jama’ati

    Sunday 13th February 2011

    Please note the English lectures will be first

    Time – 1:00pm till Maghrib
    Straight after the Juloos Procession of all Sunni masjids in Nottingham (11:00-12:30)

    Venue: Islamic Centre Nottingham, Nurani Jami Masjid 3 Curzon Street, St Anns, Nottingham, NG3 1DG
    (In sha Allah Ta’ala)

    All Brothers and Sisters are Welcome

    Organised by the students of the Classis Series Islam Studies Classes in ICN Islamic Centre Nottingham

    For further information please contact: Sufi Ramadan 07710263082, ‘Ali al Qadri 07970110820, Ijaaz al Qadri 07922731753 Waqas al Qadri 07837861229

    Food will be served

    www.IslamicCentreNottingham.com icncourses@hotmail.co.uk Join us on Facebook.com www.youtube.com/IslamicCentreNotts

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