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  1. Wadood

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    yes, but the mufti sahib is talking about something else that i mentioned in the post about shiites blaming Sayyida Aisha raDyAllahu anha

    jj implied women cannot be corrected by the Prophet alaihissalam suHba
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    A mufti sahib said: This charge cannot be pressed because if someone doesn't improve despite being blessed with the suhba of a Prophet it shows the defect in the person himself and is not indicative of a defect in the barakah of the Prophet (peace be upon them all) - just like hazrat abu talib, just like the wife of hazrat Lut ('alayhissalaam), the son of hazrat Nooh ('alayhissalaam) and a wife of hazrat Musa ('alayhissalaam).
    Thus the statement is an insult to ummul-mu'mineen (raDiyAllahuanha) but not a direct insult to rasulallah (peace be upon him).

    yes but the shaqee veil themselves from him ﷺ and hence do not benefit.

    Allah knows best.

  3. abu Hasan

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    this is standard devbandi response. when they have nothing to respond, they fabricate such things, attribute sunnis of that and 'refute'. just like junaid jamshed's gustakhi is a product of tablighi/devbandi tarbiyat, iftara-baazi is their domain of expertise.

    alahazrat's ab'has e akhirah, mentions this and challenges thanawi - as they published it from deoband. but thanawi sahib did not deem it necessary to respond.

    nouman khan, tareek jameel and other assorted folks may not have the decency to comment on such iftara nor will they release any statement to dissuade their followers to indulge in such things. [who knows, they even may; PR and social media war cannot be lost]. because, they are not worried about what their followers do as long as it doesn't directly hurt their jamaat or leaders. do not be surprised if nouman khan will release a video on how to have 'good opinion' of the person who forged that fatwa.

    or tareek jameel issues a tear-jerker:

    kya hogaya hai is ummat ko. ik ma'sum tablighi hamdard ne fatwa tarash kar iftara kar diya to kya gunah kar diya? aakhir apne bhai ki himayat hi meiN kiya na? hadees meiN aaya hai ke apne bhai ki madad karo, zalim ho ya mazlum. to junaid mazlum hai, agar zalim bhi hota to us ki madad karna wajib hota. aur is bechare tablighi-hamdard ne yahi kiya.

    hamare buzurgon ka purana shi'aar hai. maulvi ahmad raza khan sahib ke aaba o ajdad par bhi is tarah ka iftara kiya aur unke kitaboN ka qarz ada kiya. mawlana thanawi sahib khamosh rahe, uff tak na kiya na devband se taba' hone wale un iftara pardaziyon ki mazammat ki. aaj tak ayse ja'ali jumloN se hum apna aur akabir e devband ka difa'a kartey hain.

    [disclaimer: tareek jameel has not said it to the best of my knowledge.]
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  4. AbdalQadir

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  5. AbdalQadir

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    so the "Barelwis" are acting out of hasad and keena?

    one deobandi mal3oon got so consumed by his bughd that he became a murtad himself trying to publish a forged fatwa in the name of pakistani Sunni ulema. the donkeys in india are spreading it without even ascertaining where it came from. that poem falsely attributed to Ala Hazrat wasn't enough apparently for these devils.

  6. Muhammad Ali

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  7. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    they're back in the business of idiotic tawils and justifications of their mala3ina akabir. rassi jal gayi, bal nahin gaye! Muzaffar Shah Sab puts him in his place.


    if the preview isn't available, and you cant see the video in browser, you can download it (sometimes, enabling viewing of video in the browser can take up to a day for 4shared.com). if preview is available, you can see it in browser itself.
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  8. Noori

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    i listened to him, he is trying to trivialize the issue, and deceptively shifting the focus. the summary of his response is this with my comments

    - the whole drama is a maslaki enmity, brailvies are taking this incident as an opportunity and trying to malign deobandiyat

    this is indeed a maslaki issue. our maslak is to respect anbiyaa alaihimussalatu wat-tasleem, sahabah riDwanullahi aliahim ajmay'een, and awliyaa rahimahumullah, whereas deobnadi maslak is to denigrate them, and exonerate and exalt their akabir/mubaligheen.

    so yes, this is a maslaki issue; and sunni ulama are, like always, trying to warn people to be wary of these wolves and save their iman. defending jahil mubaligheen is more important to deobandies rather than the right of RasulAllah alaihi afDalussalat wat-tasleem and his aal. they have a constant and long history of uttering/writing filth.

    whenever deobandi have attacked on the perfection of Allah subhanu wa ta'ala or the lofty ranks of His prophets and other sacred personalities, ahlussunah wa'ljama'ah have come out and condemned them.

    if someone is crossing the limits of proper refutation/rejection like amir liaqat did then we sunnies have nothing to do with it. deobandi always try to use examples of juhala and label it as barailvism

    - jj made a mistake unknowingly, he has repented, so why the fuss now?

    i've said that jj appears to be more concerned about his reputation rather than the ugly statements he pronounced, but we cannot look into his heart, let us have husn az'zan that he is truly ashamed; however, is it the only issue? we have other issues with jj; has he repented from attributing chotay baDay gunah to the beloved aliahi afDalussalat wat-tasleem, and what about his association with TJ? TJ's current head himself has uttered many kufriyat like his akaabir, and there is no retraction/repentance from him. since tarik jamil is jj's mentor, he has inherited from him all this fiith and paving his path to the same destination. therefore sunnies have serious concerns about the iman of common folks because TJ is using these jahil celebrities to lure people and convert them to deobandiyat.

    if sunni ulama had not come out then we would very soon have seen vina malik doing tabligh as tarik jamil had started circling around her. tarik jamil is a celebrity hunter, converts them to deobandism and let them go prey on the iman of their fans without basic knowlege of deen (he too doesn't have). on the other hand these celebrities feel that now they have even a better status. that munfiq molvi should've shed some light on this aspect

    - sunni tehrik is a terrorist group, there are no ulama among them, even they can't read Quran properly

    - there are no ulama among them is correct largely, there would be some ulama who think st can earn them a handsome money, their workers are mostly juhala, obaash youngsters and mostly non-practicing. but st is not a terrorist organization, they started with the agenda of protecting sunni masajid at the time when deobnadi were pretty active in capturing our masajid. but gradually they have only become chandah/bhatta collectors and gone into politics.

    if this munafiq molvi wants to prove that he is an upright and honest person then he should openly and categorically speak on the channel about the juhala and fussaq of ssp and ttp and their so heinous crimes; they have set their own unparalleled history. but deobandi munafiq movlies do not have a single speck of shame to raise their voice against it, rather they support these juhala and nourish their minds with forage of disrespect, hate, and brutality .

    - brailvies are having a jashn on this issue

    as usual, as is the habit and nature of deobandiyyat, he is cleverly mixing and falsely attributing things which are far from reality, because they can't do without lying - it is deeply rooted in their teachings and aqeedah.

    in general his whining is of a person who is naked in public and shouting at people that why are they pointing at him.
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  9. Aqib alQadri

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    our Ulema need to openly say that the "verse" written regarding Syedah Aisha (radiallaho anhaa), is actually a fabrication. so the blame of blasphemy lies on the fabricator. I abhor the publicity, but now that these devbandis are popularizing it, we MUST counter it.

    there are several loopholes within the same "verse" which glaringly evidence that it is not the work of any Sunni nor even a standard poet - it cannot even remotely be linked with Imam Ahle Sunnat, Ala Hazrat.
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  10. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i know the textual/published refutation exists on the net or otherwise, but the Sunni ulema HAVE TO talk about this issue in public and mass gatherings etc to shut down the ramblings on donkeys like this. if he is aware of the tawba of the writer, then he too is doing what his akabir and other performers like jj have done - slyly mis-narrating what really happened, and shamelessly lying. and i doubt he doesn't know the details of the matter.

    (the deobandi starts braying in the second half, after about 12 minutes)

  11. Unbeknown

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    It is a sign of extreme callousness and flippancy in matters of the deen that people will not only listen to and admire untrained speakers but even defend them when these orators' very ignorance catches up with them and, worse still, let them continue their prattles instead of calling for them to be sent to schools and be educated in the deen before speaking about it. Those youths who sat laughing at his outrageous comments should be the first to dissociate themselves from him and his promoters. But will they?

    It's as Sh. Buti (may he be forgiven) said in this lecture "The fact is that this deen is mazloom (oppressed) and there are few who are willing to stand up in it's defence" - he specifically refers to such 'programs' where deviants and mulhids are given the liberty to hawk their bid'ah and ilhad to the ignorant and gullible masses who are easily seduced by glibness and uber-susceptive to glamour and showmanship. This he juxtaposes against the learned scholars of yore who were afraid to speak on matters of the deen for fear of slipping or for fear of ostentation and nifaq.

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  12. Unbeknown

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    a very touching explanation of the hadith:

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  13. Noori

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    sunni tehreek started with a good agenda of saving our masajid, but now they have turn into a bhatta khor organization just like ssp which is not doubt way bigger than sunni therik in crimes. ssp have started luring sunni youngsters using yaa rasulAllah and yaa umar chanting and chocking on walls. on the other hand st is more in collecting funds in the form of channdah/bhatta then protecting masajid and their crew is mainly non practicing fussaq.

    don't they support padri as well? (i'm not sure yet)
  14. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    it would be good if you guys also post 4shared downloadable links because in pakistan we can't access youtube, and i don't use vpn ect, even i don't use tor browser.
  15. Abu Hafsah

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    Look at this deobandi mufti exonerating JJ by claiming its just a ''maslaki'' issue nothing else and then accuses Sunni Tehreek of being Terrorists (I do not know if that is true or not). It is the tradition of the deobandi wahabiyya to play this game and that's why with my experiences with them I have one word for them that they are the Munafiqun of this age.

  16. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    Its time and high time the mascots of Jamia the great Imaams of Bradford spoke up, instead of promoting their own Peers and what they are studying on social networking webistes to prove their self purged egos.
  17. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    what punishment? and who punished him brother? do you think that sunni ulama should not highlight the gross mistakes of these ignorant? it is not only jj but the teachings of deobandi cult that their ulama and their associates time and again spew filth against prophets, sahaba and awliya kiram and usually they try to cover it. i have heard many times common deobandis uttering open kufriyat and pronounce so disgusting comments that i shudder to write. disrespect is rooted in their teachings and thus in their hearts, so their tongues and pens go out of control. jj only has repented for the disrespect of um al-mo'mineen, where is his repentance regarding 'is baat par Allah nay khush ho kar farmaya ay mairay nabi main nay aap kay chotay baDay, aghlay, pichlay saaray gunah muaaf kar diay'? see the video in post # 96 below. it is the suhbah of gustakh people that despite having spent 17 years in tableegh he hasn't learnt basic aqeedah and adab. where is in Quran this attribution of chotay Baday gunah? Qazi AyaD says anbiyaa' don't commit even smaller sins but this jahil is explaining the verse as if our beloved prophet the best of creation aliahi afDalus salat wat-tasleem committed and will continue to commit chotay baDay gunah (ma'adh Allah summa ma'adhAllah).

    as for amir liaqat, he is a perfect idiot like jj, and probably out of the fold of islam too, he makes ramaDan a fun festival, encourages hindus not to accept islam, and has pronounced disrespect against sahabah too. it is said that he has repented in front of Hazrat Shah Turab al Haq Qadri hafizahullahu ta'ala. even if he has then he has uttered many kharafaat later.

    as for those ulama who know his kharafaat but favor him, sit with him, or flatter him, then they are not ulama in deed but dunya seekers. sunniyyat is not to paste a label on your chest, and do whatever you like; it is an aqeedah that you believe in, live by, and demonstrate.

    so there is no double standard in sunni ulama. if you feel that sunni ulama are hyperactive in refuting jj, then i would ask why they should not? jj committed this crime on tv, while amir liaqat's video was made in a shia gathering, it is very old, it is only available on internet and never shown on media.

    yes jj has repented, even though it cannot be regarded as proper repentance because he appeared more concerned about his reputation rather then the disrespect of deeply venerated persons. yes, we cannot look what is in his heart, so in this regard his repentance should be taken, but only in this regard and he still have to do tawbah of other profanity mentioned above. not only that, to save his tongue, heart, and iman he must disassociate from deobandiyat. I have read his recent letter and it is more a defense of deobandiyat then feel of shame. somebody should really tell him that this is not the demeanor of a guilty person but of the one who is outraged upon being disrespected. sunni ulama are doing their duty to warn masses from these wolves preying on their iman. amir liaqat blamed jj's mother which is utmost jahalat, but he is not a scholar, neither a sunni, but only a sullah kulli celebrity working for money only.

    do read post # 95 too if you have missed it
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  18. Nafees

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    Also, since when is it okay to have someone speaking filth onstage (again, in the presence of ulema) as Liaquat did at the conference on Dec 6? Is this not disgusting?

    We honor Ala-Hazrat (rehmatullah alayhi)--not what is being done in Alahazrat's name today.
  19. Nafees

    Nafees New Member


    I am not posting as a defender or sympathizer of those who write/speak against the teachings of Ala- Hazrat (rehmatullah alayhi)- I consider Ala-Hazrat (rehmatullah alayhi), and those who sincerely follow Ala-Hazrat (rehmatullah alayhi), as my guides in deen.

    It is not my practice to ‘opine’ in matters of deen, as I have been taught to respect and defer to the learned opinion of the ulema when it comes to questions of deen. However, recent events involving Junaid Jamshed have compelled me to share my thoughts and concerns here, as I cannot help but notice double standards which are very disturbing.

    If I am mistaken, please correct me and help me see what I am not seeing.

    -Why is the Sunni leadership forgiving of the likes of Amir Liaquat, and not Junaid Jamshed? What is the difference between the two? Amir Liaquat ‘claims’ that he has repented, and he is not just forgiven but embraced and championed--why? (We haven’t seen his repentance, but have seen Junaid Jamshed’s.)

    Have Sunni ulema seen videos of Liaquat spewing venom against the Sahaba? Or those depicting his despicable character--videos in which he uses obscene language (in the presence of ulema in some instances)? Why are these being brushed under the carpet?

    -Do our historical, and indeed fundamental, differences with the Deobandis justify what is being done to Junaid Jamshed? I believe these are fundamental differences—these are not ‘minor’ issues—but how does that make it right for us to beat up on this man who has repented? Sure, he is still a Deobandi—but is that what he is being punished for?

    - What about Tahir-ul-Qadri? Where were the sit-ins and speeches against him? I have seen it mentioned here that the silence of the Sunni leaders towards him might be due to political considerations---what political considerations, and why? Why the clamor over Junaid Jamshed but not Tahir-ul-Qadri?
  20. Unbeknown

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    can the video in #105 be uploaded to yt? download plugins don't seem to work on vimeo

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