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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    from keller's matrimonial service (mureeds only) website:

    dunno if this is an established rule in the mazhabs, or keller's own ijtihad. i have heard Hanafi shaykhs on qtv say that it is forbidden for a Hanafi husband to force his mazhab on a wife of a different mazhab.

    if she follows her mazhab, then really, all the household affairs can't be run based on just one mazhab

    here keller is hinting that he is running a cult

    does he mean attend the suhbas in their respective countries, or in particular, ie specific countries?

    too bad keller himself doesn't adhere to the last bit. he is beyond reproach for his mureeds. and true to his deobandi friends' manhaj, he doesn't care for Sacred Law. rather his mantra is, justify personalities and the filth they spew at any cost, and twist and bend the Sacred Law to conform to the musings of personalities.

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