Khwaja Shams uddin Azeemi

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  1. Iqtidar

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    Free Download Spiritual eBooks by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

    Please take a look here for more information on Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi and you can even download his books in english for free in PDF format.

    let me know your comments.

  2. Noori

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    His chain of tariqah is through diobandis and he respects and quotes thanvi, though he is neither a complete diobandi nor Barailvi. He helds melaad and qawwali gathrings at his center in Karachi.One fellow told me that these are mixed gender gatherings (actually he visited and saw that). I don't know about Baba Tajuddin Nagpori and Qalandar Baba Olia but only read somewhere that Baba Tajuddin Nagpoori was a great wali Allah

    I skimmed through his book, Loh-o-Qalam, that he claims that Qalandar Baba Olia dictated him afer his demise, and found it very interesting. However it is different than any other book on sufiism in that it is full of scientific explanations of parapsychology rather than self purification.
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    Salam br's and sis's

    However I'm from Naqsbandi Tareeqah but I also have a great respect for other tareqahs/silsilah as I think that these r chains and rope of Allah to the rightous path. Meanwhile I use to read some of the books of Sh. Azeemi which I found marvelous. Yes I'm telling abt the Azeemi silsilah, links to Qalandar Baba Auliya and further moves to Baba Tajjuddin Nagpuri. Prof. Shamsuddinn Azeemi has the knowledge of "ILM e LIDDUNI" (may be not pronouncing well plz correct me) which he was gifted directly fom Rasool Allah SAWW. The more interesting thing is he unites everyone whether Barelwi, deobandi, shia, wahabi etc on single platform. I'll say this is a good way to make the ppl unerstand the real methodology and philosophy of Islam. He even says that ask prophet SAWW like a child that teach me 'irfan' or if I'm not that candidate, please gift me, He goes, InshaAllah Rehmatallin Alameen will give u what u want or lackin in. There r many more thing to quote but let see what other says.

    Waithig for ur comments

    Peace to all


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