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    'Statements about mocking the scholars'

    "Remember! Only the Sunnī scholars of Aĥl-e-Sunnat are to be respected. As far as the Scholars of other deviant sects are concerned, you should alienate yourself even from their shadows. Respecting them is strictly forbidden. To listen to their sermons, or to read their books or to sit in their company are all prohibited acts and are a lethal poison for one’s faith."

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    Allah Azzawajal protect us all ameen.
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    Question: A person said with disdain, ‘What does Mullā
    know?’ What is the ruling on saying such a statement?

    Answer: It is kufr. My master Ala Hazrat Rahmatullahi Ta'ala Alayh has said, ' To say, 'what does a mulla know?' Is kufr. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, pp. 244, vol.14) When it is intended to dishonour scholars of Islam.

    Question: How is it to say, ‘Allah Ta'ala has sent an easy religion, but Mullā fraternity has made it harder?’

    Answer: This is considered as a statement of Kufr because it dishonours the scholars of Islam. Islamic Jurists have stated it is kufr to decrease the respect of a Scholar and a decendant of the Prophet. (Majma-ul-anhur, vol. 2, pp. 509)

    Question: What ruling does Islamic law put on people who use words like ‘Mullā Mullā’ or ‘this Mullā fraternity’ with an intention to demean the scholars?

    Answer: If one uses these words with the intention to demean the scholars because of their religious Islamic knowledge, then it would constitute as a statement of Kufr. It is stated by Mulla ‘Alī Qārī Whoever refers to an ‘Ālim as ‘Uwaylim’ or refers to an ‘Alavī as ‘Ulaywī’ then he has committed Kufr. (Minḥ-ur-Rauḍ lil-Qārī, pp. 472)
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