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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Khanah, Feb 2, 2022.

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    Songs with kufriyyah meanings are commonly churned out in various languages but especially from Bollywood. However, this is not just limited to the Indians but found, for example, amongst Pakistani signers. An example would be the Nusrat Khan song 'Kina sona tenu' where a verse talks about how he wants to do pooja of his woman, etc.

    Singing of such songs is kufr.

    What about:

    1. The one who enjoys the song
    2. Purchases the song knowing what it contains
    3. Plays the song, for example, at a wedding, knowing what it contains

    When you think of the sheer number of bollywood songs that contain kufr and the stupendous amount of (apparent) Muslims who listen to them, dance along to them, etc... I mean, aren't we talking about tens of millions of people at least? What is the ruling on them as listeners as opposed to the singer, etc.

    And considering this is basically an epidemic and the lay public (such as myself) are ignorant... are many scholars other than dawat e Islami speaking up against this? We have time for debates on permissibility of khatms, etc... isn't this a greater issue? What is being done about this and what should be done?

    Born Muslims who become openly atheist are actually quite few in number although I've encountered them. But born Muslims who listen to such evil songs... the number would probably be staggering. What is the ruling on the intentional listener of these types of songs, does it depend on the lyrics, etc.

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