Madd munfasil

Discussion in 'Ulum al-Qur'an' started by Aqdas, May 5, 2017.

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  1. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    One alif is two counts as far as I know.
  2. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    What exactly do you mean by count? One alif length or half alif (i.e. 1 harkat)?

    I am simply quoting from Dawat-e-Islami's Madni Qaida (see attached)

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  3. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    I don't think so.

    I think these are the lengths:

    Muttasil - 4/5 counts - 6 if you're stopping on it

    Munfasil - 4/5 counts but can be 2 counts (i.e. read as madd tabeeyi)

    Laazim - 6 counts

    Leen - 2/4/6 counts
  4. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    As far as I know, madd-e-munfasil should be prolonged by 2/2.5/4 alif in length (same for madd-e-muttasil). Each alif being equivalent to 2 harakat in length. Only madd-e-laazim and madd-e-leen-laazim are prolonged to 3/4/5 alif length.

    So short answer is "yes"; madd-e-munfasil can be prolonged to 2 counts (but no shorter).
  5. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    1. No, it is jaiz, not wajib
    2. Yes
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  6. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    This is 4-5 counts.

    1. Is it wajib to prolong?
    2. Can we prolong only 2 counts?

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