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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Wadood, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Wadood

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    Afghanistan is 85% Sunni too, who have awe and respect for the Mujaddid of India, Shaykh Ahmad RiDa Khan raDyAllahu ' anhu

    The string of Sufis appearing from Afghanistan, within Pakistan, and in the West show evidence.
  2. Wadood

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    Indiana Jones doesn't know that Pakistan's population is composed of almost 80% people, who are Sunni, and not Deobandi, and have nothing but awe and respect for the mujaddid of India, Shaykh Ahmad RiDa Khan raDyAllahu 'anhu.

    Once again, near to 80% of Pakistan is Barelwi.

    Give me one deeni matter, be it takfir of the elder Deobandis, that was not based on traditional Sunni Usool al Din
  3. Ghulam

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    The liar needs to check with his guru Keller or read his article

    'Ahmad Raza Khan was one of the most notorious figures for this behaviour; he declared a number of the early Deobandi scholars to be outside of Islam for supposedly insulting the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), although they deny writing, or even thinking, most of the things they are accused of writing and other scholars (inside and outside the Indian Subcontinent) have disputed either the truth of the accusations or the validity of the accusations of kufr. However, this tradition continues today with groups among the Barelvis circulating literature calling the Deobandis “Satanic Scholars” among other things. The disputes between these two groups is so bitter and vehement in some places that Internet forums often ban any discussion of it, as it would quickly drown out any other discussion'

    Masoud Khan also gives his two pennies worth

    'Quite frankly, the Barelwis have to get their act together. They are prone to infighting and takfrism like Wahhabism. They focus too much on heresiology at the expense of guiding and educating their communities and most Barelwi communities are a mess spiritually and sociologically.

    And to suggest that Barewlism is not prone to extremism is pure fantasy'

    Sunni Ulama need to keep on condemning these 'Soofi' cults both Indian ones and the likes of Kellers cult

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