mawlana yaseen akhtar misbahi recommends...

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  1. Noori

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    You can read online or download each chapter from Ja al-Haq separately here
  2. Aqdas

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    i had the opportunity to sit with mawlana for 3 days in malegaon recently. mawlana yaseen akhtar misbahi asked me what type of reading i do. i replied that i read books of similar nature [referring to an intro to ahlu's sunnah. click here]. what books of mine have you read? he asked. i replied, nuqush e fikr, islah e fikr o i'tiqaad, angrez nawazi ki haqeeqat, imam ahmad raza aur radd e bid'aat o munkiraat. he asked if i had a copy of jaa al-haq, i affirmed and he advised that i read the whole of it. he said it is very important.
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