Mawlid in Santa Clara With Shyakh Hamza Yusuf: Live Webcast

Discussion in 'Events' started by maraqialFalah, Mar 2, 2010.

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  2. What is wrong with what he said? The Madakhilah - the servants of the saudi royal family - have always been condemning "terrorism". It is true. The context was entirely in terms of terrorism, not I`tiqad.
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  4. Then they should state that on their poster: "all proceeds will go to towards building the madrassah".

    Anyway, why do they have a Wahabi attending?
    . shaykh kabbani is also in the USA and they have regular live free webcasts of talks and speeches at and i have never heard them charging for events.

    it seems a trend with these zaytuna crew and despite my immense respect for shaykh hamza this is one trend i dont like. even when he comes to england he usually speaks at posh venues where u have to pay a ridiculous amount to get in when there are 100s of sunni mosques who would host him for free! u dont see the likes of sayyid yaqoubi charging! even when shuyukh from ahlus sunnah have an event at a public hall (eg sayyid madani or hashmi miyan in blackburn) they dont charge for it!

    for me it smacks of a type of elitism. oh lets keep the riff raff out...
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    They are probably raising money for the Muslim college they want to build. They need millions.
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    what if if they make money and use it for khayr ?
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    bandwidth/hosting and streaming is not as expensive as it used to be; i would be very skeptical if someone said that $7 per webcast is being charged to cover website and infrastructure expenses.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
  8. and worse than that, they are allowing a Wahhabi/Deobandi (Tahir Anwar) to speak in the gathering.

    La hawla wa la quwwata ila billah
  9. And as for web-cast charges, there are so many deeni organizations who have free web-casts of their events (like the IQRA Center in Preston who held an event of Allama Sayyid Irfan Shah for free) . It's not that hard to get a free web-cast for people's viewing.

    Again, this is outright corruption..and it isn't even fair. The only person who knew of this advertisement were the Afghan community and then when everyone else finally found out, they already claimed that they were sold out of tickets and that we had to pay $7.00 for the webcast
  10. I find Zaytuna's commercialization to be nothing other than insulting to the true `ulama who are serving this deen for free (like the `Ulema from Da`wat-e-Islami who hold ijtemas and make madaris like Faizan-e-Madina for free)
  11. Either they ask for donations for the webserver charges or they charge.
  12. This sounds good but I am really disappointed that they are charging for the webcast! I know $7 isnt very much money but it is the principle. And the whole small print at the bottom about how it will be deactivated if people try to log in with multiple accounts and what not and how it is illegal to record and share. I´m sorry but this crass capitalistic commercialism at an event like mawlid leaves a bad taste.

    Why can many other sunni organisations around the world relay the events live and for free and Zaytuna have to charge?! Why can we listen to a wali of Allah like Hazrat Ameer e Ahle Sunnat for free and have to pay for Shaykh Hamza and co.?!

    They´re turning the Deen into a business.
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