Merton and Sufism

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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    one thing i would like to point out here is that nuh 'i can't tell a lie' keller is an incredibly and disgustingly evil man with a forked tongue and an actor who thinks he can act like a wali.

    on the one hand he seemingly contests chittick and perennialism in some ways (, and on the other hand he serves perennialists like the spiritually hedonistic prince ghazi of jordan, and his equally hedonistic puppets and perennialist friends such as hosein nasr, ali jifry, mark hanson etc.

    i guess he follows the deobandi mantra of agreeing with anyone except the people of truth.

    an equally incapacitated 'scholar' is gibril haddad, it says on his website:

    where on earth does this jahil mutlaq (yes, that page doesn't say gibril is the author, but it is his website afaik) get the evidence that the vedas or buddha's teachings were divine revelations? so the trend in "academic" circles is to make fancy guesses and then propagate them as "essential points" and "truths"

    i think this perennialism is a cheap candle that even in these times, only occasionally flutters in front of patent idiots and juhala and will be extinguished soon. these guys had their few moments in the backdrop of the dot com boom and the war on terror, but i think very soon they will be sidelined to the dustbins of history

    this is a new project for mark hanson and his buddies,

    submit your abstracts soon guys!
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    They put Shaykh al Alawi's picture on it. This is great injustice.
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