Mevlânâ Şeyyed Yakübî on Mevlânâ Seyh Boütî Hâzretlerî (rahmatullah alayh)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ahmet Tayfur, Jan 10, 2018.

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    A English translation of that document would be most welcomed
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    see fatawa ridawiyyah 5/493. alahazrat mentions that it was 75 times. detailed discussion regarding it in al-mizan al-kubra of allamah abd al-Wahhab al-sha'rani (1/44).
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    The most ironic thing is these new type of C-D-E-Z make you laugh. The act all humble and play the adab card, yet most of them are stuck in their own egos.

    Islam is inclusive to everyone not just your core mates or groupies, who posses a professional job and a nice car-and kids go private education.

    The famous, noble Sayyid Pir Naseer raheemuAllah once said 'Namaz Parho, Wiladain Di Khidmat Karo, Halal Rizq Kamao' Ay Kar Kaye Apna Aap Ko Jannati Samjho'
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    Seems like the cultish have been doing damage limitation by mopping up all the visible evidence so they can continue perpetuating the myth of shaykh being squeeky clean & errorless. Should that fail and someone objectively questions the blunders then the Mureeds are quick on the draw with the Adab card. Sad state of affairs.
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    Excerpt from the document:

    We have discussed this here. Sidi Abu Hasan's brief translation of parts of tanwir al halak can also be read here.

    It seems that some people did convey this unsurpassed blessing, in writing or in speech, to others. Otherwise, how could these things be known?

    Apparently, Imam Suyuti himself reported being blessed with the vision of his lightsome face (peace be upon him) seventy-two times (I couldn't find a citation for this).

    While I agree about modern-day claimants - and sh. buti (raHimahullah) might have been justified to an extent in calling for ta'zeer (rebuke [discretionary punishment]) of such people - as a measure to rein in charlatans whose lies in this regard can (and does) have a powerful emotional impact on the masses and can be used as a great tool for manipulation of public opinion - I think this should only be seen as a regulatory/state policy developed in response to changed circumstances and the depressing abundance of evil liars who will use any trick in the book to reach their ends.

    Because, the same danger attends to the claims of seeing/meeting hazrat khizr ('alayhis salaam) and even to seeing the Prophet (peace be upon him) or any of the awliya (raDyiAllahu'anhum) in a dream. As is not hidden from us who have seen the antics of the disgraced liar tahir of jhangh.

    From that perspective, a total ban would have to be imposed on narrations of any dream or vision.

    I don't know how feasible that is - but I believe it might serve a purpose - anyone who publicly proclaims a dream or waking-vision of the Prophets (peace be upon them) or awliya - will be punished - as a sad-al-darai against charlatans. Now, the sincere and true people will have no problem with such a rule for they are least concerned about publicizing their dreams or visions - while the liars will think twice before publicizing their lies.

    Of-course, any such law will create an unnecessary furor among the people and needlessly bring a sensitive topic to the fore. Which makes me wonder why yaqubi sahab brought this up ....

    and Allah knows best.
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    Found this document

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    "Did Sh Bouti deny the vision of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in a wakeful state as claimed by his critics?

    Answer: The context of his stance is found in Sharh alHikam Vol 1, p295 to p297. Sh Bouti says the vision is rationally possible and if it did occur for anyone genuine they would conceal it as the most pious people were the Salaf (first three generations), yet this is not reported from the pious Salaf. The context of the quote is that Sh Bouti is exposing fake claimants today who use visions to misguide their murids (students). This does not apply to our Shaykh, Ahmad Habbal or others, as they never said in public they had visions. Rather than attack regularly the 83 year old man who was killed the critic(s) should retract comments regarding Trump, Charlie Hebdo, Saudi and a host of things including silence on real innovators who defend Dante."
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    in the video Shaykh al-Yaqubi attacked Shaykh Ramadan al-Bouti openly disparaging him and stating that he openly supported the Assad regime and that he denied the vision of RasoolAllaah (Allaah bless him & grant him peace) in a waking state.

    Shaykh Asrar has commented on this on FB
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    Who attacked who? The video is no longer there.
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    why did he attack him?

    Very disturbing and shocking
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