Mid brain activation

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Unbeknown, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. Unbeknown

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    Right out of the Arabian Nights? Alladin's carpet could not have done better.

  2. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    btw, this mid-brain thing is a fraud. I am surprised brothers didn't check youtube to verify this:

    even if it weren't a scam it would still be istidraaj and not a miracle (mu'jiza) or karaamah.

    in the lecture on Black Magic shaykh asrar said that modern technological innovations can also be considered a kind of 'sihr' and quoted Imam Nawawi's definition of siHr as a proof.

    I feel that the stunning advancements in communications and transportation over the past century and a half can be termed as 'istidraaj' - not because the individual developments lack a sensory/material/rational/natural explanation rooted in the cause-effect experience - but because, taken as a body, what mankind (predominantly kuffar) has achieved in this short space of time is nothing short of stupendous.

    To quote the linked article:

    Supernatural feats manifested by the enemies of Allah, such as by ibliis, the pharaoh and the anti-Christ (dajjal), which are recorded in narrations as having happened in the past or will happen in the future, are neither called ‘signs’ nor karaamaat. Instead, we call them as the granting of their desires, and this is because Allah Ta’ala grants the desires [istidraaj] of His enemies to seize and punish them, and they increase in heedlessness and/or kufr. This is all practicable and possible. (Fiqh Al-Akbar)


    and DON'T the kuffar say - "we achieved all this while denying God, we did it ourselves and no harm came to us but instead we go from strength to strength - this proves that there is no God!" al 'iyadhubillah ta'ala

    that is, their technological advancement, the "granting of their hearts' desires", is turning them further and further away from Allah ta'la.

    "I shall give them a while, Verily My Grasp is Powerful" [Al-A'raf 7:183]

    and so, all this technology, all this huge, huge collective temple of istidraaj, based on kufr and 'inaad and rebellion against Ar-RaHmaan, will one day topple, head first, into the abyss of a blazing fire:

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  3. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    May be, I think some of our ulama train their mureed giving different kind of dhikrs, different types of mujahudah to attain nearness to Allah and perform miracles.
    Effects of dhikrs are now proved under sceince..
  4. There are Lataif in the brain, with one located above the head for example, so it may be in reference to this and Allahu Alam.
  5. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    You can watch his interview in YouTube
  6. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    Does anyone came across a man called dr.pillai he says miracles happens through midbrain, by activating we can feel supernatural powers and miracles ect..
    What do you think that this may be possible ???

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